June 21st, 2013

The Only Library You Can Carry in Your Knitting Bag

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A knitting teacher in your pocket!

I’m more and more convinced that Knit-Kards™ are the most genius thing ever. Produced by Nancy’s Knit Knacks, which sounds very folksy, these 14 double-sided laminated cards (with handy keyhole and ring included!) contain every piece of information you need to make a sweater, a sock, or a blanket, along with tips and tricks to make that project hum. A long-tail cast-on can be a pain, because what happens when you don’t leave yourself enough yarn to complete the cast-on? You have to rip that sucker out and start over. Believe me, my kids have learned the most choice swears from lurking around my knitting chair. The Long Tail Cast-on Knit Kard™  provides a table with a simple formula to figure out the number of inches of yarn needed based on number of stitches cast on and needle size. Bingo! Job done.

Along with yardage requirements for any kind of garment, from sweaters (baby) to afghans (huge), Knit Kards™ instruct users through Kitchener Stitch, basic increases and decreases, and how to use those increases and decreases for optimum graceful shaping. Yarn Label Guides explain the care symbols used by clothing makers so that your treasured garment doesn’t end up fitting your American Girl Doll. You can convert ounces to grams, meters to yards, and vice versa, learn how to make the perfect gauge swatch, or learn what the abbreviation K1b means. And to top it all off, you get a knitting needle/crochet hook inventory card to keep track of those needles you keep in a plastic shopping bag (Hey! maybe we can talk knitting bags and storage solutions in a follow-up post!). The bright colors make them easy to find in your crowded project bag, and the index-card size makes them convenient to take anywhere.

All the WEBS sales team keep Knit Kards™ in our apron pockets, and we all use them religiously. You should too!

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6 Responses to “The Only Library You Can Carry in Your Knitting Bag”

  1. MissesV Says:

    I just tried to ask this on the live chat, but accidentally disconnected- sorry- anyway, is there anywhere that the topics covered on these Knit-Kards are listed? I’ve contemplated buying them several times but would really like to know more about them.

  2. WEBS Yarn Store Says:

    Great suggestion. We’ll update our products page today.

  3. WEBS Yarn Store Says:

    Crochet Hook Inventory
    Knitting Needle Inventory
    Long Tail Cast-on
    Perfect One Row Buttonhole
    Kitchener Stitch Made Easy
    Increases & Decreases
    Yarn Label Guide
    Washing Handknit Woolens
    Yarn Yardage Estimator
    Perfect Gauge Swatch
    Yarn Yardage Table
    Make to Fit Body Measurements
    Yarn Classification Chart
    Knitting Abbreviations & Terms
    Rate of Increase/Decrease on Angles

  4. Melissa Says:

    Do you have any promo or discount codes that can be used when making a purchase?

  5. Ginny Reynolds Says:

    is there a version dedicated to crochet?

  6. Shari A. King Says:

    I would like a tutorial on learning the other techniques for knitting besides throwing the yarn.

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