May 28th, 2007

The Sheep are in the House

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So here we are with our first full weekend off, together, as a family since our trip to Florida in March. We even opted to not send the boys to school today (private school schedule – don’t ask). The weather is perfect, everyone is healthy and there’s lots to do around here this time of year. So what’s the pick of the weekend? The Massachusetts Sheep & Wool Festival of course! An entire weekend without yarn-related activities? Not for this family.

Sunday morning we trekked off to Cummington, MA and the fair grounds. The boys were excited to see the animals, “but do we have to look at more yarn too??” Yes, boys, we do.
Here are some of the wonderful furry creatures we got to see:

I didn’t take pictures of the itty-bitty angora bunnies, but boy were they cute! One more, “can we get a bunny mom?” and I just might have given in, except for the memories of Abigail our cat and her “fetish” for bunnies. . . . . I saw that train wreck coming at me in plenty of time to avoid it (for once).
We saw fellow blogger and FOW (friend of WEBS) Melissa-Knits, Mr. Wonderful and Girl:

There were bunches of vendors with amazing yarns and more:

I scored three skeins of beautiful handspun merino/alpaca in a lovel greyed-raspberry color. Yeah, like I don’t have enough alpaca or alpaca blends in my stash. But really, none of them are like these skeins! I think it will make a mighty fine wrap:

And then as we were heading out, there was a shearing demonstration going on. If I could’ve rescued this sheep, I would’ve. He/she just looks so. . . . . embarrassed:

There were two llamas, who were not in the photogenic mood. The biggest disappointment was that there weren’t any alpacas. Maybe next year.
The funniest thing that happened was that several of the vendors at MS&W also participated at our Fleece Market last weekend (was that ONLY last weekend??). They asked if we’d consider ALSO doing an event in the Fall. Of course Steve’s mind immediately started churning and I spouted out “WEBS Harvest Festival”. . . . a new event may have just been born. Our staff will be so thrilled with joy. . . . . 🙂
So, Yarn Harlot this Wednesday! We’ve officially topped the 600 marked which thrills me to pieces. I will be making another post later today with all sorts of info that has been requested. I have to admit, I’m getting a bit nervous about being on stage to MC this event with 600+ of you in the audience! I’ve also get to get a CD burned so we can have some music playing as you all arrive. Any requests? No promises, but I’ll do my best.
Now off to finish this darn last project for the catalog that has been hanging over my head. I’m close, but today is it for time. I have about 60 rows to go. . . .

2 Responses to “The Sheep are in the House”

  1. Melissa Says:

    The last time she came didn’t we have a lot of folks come who hadn’t registered? So really it could be more like 800 people you’re talking in front of! And I am going to miss it. Why do I always seem to miss the cool stuff lately?

    I thought the sheep looked embarassed, too. Torn between the joy of a fleece free back and the humiliation of a public shearing…

  2. Melissa Says:

    Oh Oh! Ant’s Marching by Dave Matthew’s Band! 🙂

    We were also at MS&W on Sunday! Wasn’t it wonderful? I purchased yarn from Jager Icelandics… Just beautiful! It was hard not to purchase more!

    A Harvest Festival sounds great! 🙂 I’d go!

    See you tomorrow!

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