February 7th, 2014

The Windchill Cardigan from Melissa LaBarre

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We’ve been so thrilled with your response to our first specialty yarn and dedicated patterns. We thought it was time to share another pattern highlight with you. Melissa LaBarre designed the Windchill Cardigan for us and it’s just stunning!

About her relationship with WEBS:

I’m so happy to be one of the designers for Webs’ 40th anniversary. Webs has been a big part of my life for more than a decade.
I discovered Webs when I started knitting again, just over 10 years ago. What a place to discover when you’re a new knitter. I think I started by buying 2 of everything and making a bunch of fancy scarves.
Years later, knitting had become a big part of my life. I started designing and picked up a part-time job at Webs. During my 2 years there, I co-wrote 2 knitting books, New England Knits and Weekend Hats.
Now I’m a work-at-home designer and mother of a toddler girl, with another baby girl on the way. My designs had shifted from adult garments to accessories and baby designs in the last year, so it was fun to design my first adult sweater in a year for Webs’ anniversary.
You can check out more of Melissa’s patterns on our site, on her Ravelry page or follow her on Facebook!

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14 Responses to “The Windchill Cardigan from Melissa LaBarre”

  1. Dendia Says:

    Love this cardigan!

  2. frank Says:

    madelinetosh is so great for knitting sweaters

  3. Tamara Hunt Says:

    What a beautiful piece. I wish I had the courage to start a sweater. Maybe this will be the catalyst to get me to take the leap……

  4. Scooter Says:

    The colors in this yarn are beautiful!

  5. disqus_R0V0iJVAvf Says:

    Love the pattern. Will have to put in in my favorites on Ravelry. Have tons of stash but, just might have to go to the Webs site and find just the right yarn.

  6. daffodils Says:

    Yes, this is exactly what I like, simple with some nice touches and useful, versatile. Also pretty!

  7. Marnette Says:

    I agree simple and elegant! Not too bulky and still in a size yarn that would knit quite quickly.

  8. Bonnie Pomfret Says:

    Great design, I would love an option with buttons.

  9. Carolyn Says:

    I agree an option with buttons would be very nice!!

  10. allison j Says:

    Yes, buttons would be a plus. Awesome sweater even without though

  11. Nancy Says:

    Is this a seamless sweater? I prefer to knit things that I do not have to seam when I am finished knitting. So I might be interested if I knew how this pattern was written.

  12. Sara Says:

    Hi Nancy!
    From the pattern description: “This top-down cardigan has open fronts and three-quarter-length sleeves…” You begin at the neck and work down to the point where you’ll separate the body from the sleeves, then continue with the body to the hem. You’ll come back and finish the sleeves later and then pick up stitches for the front band of detail texture, but there are no seams!

  13. Alice Devine Says:

    Why does the pattern call for size 5 and size 6 needles? I can’t find where the directions say to use anything but the “smaller size needle.”

  14. Marykate Says:

    Hi Alice!

    Here’s a note from Kirsten, our design manager: “Looks like the larger needle is just used on the last 10 rows of the collar. The designer didn’t include an explanation, but I’m guessing it helps the collar stretch around the curves of the front shaping. Sorry for any confusion!”

    It’s on page 3, in the directions for the Collar Waffle Pattern. If you have any more questions, please contact customerservice@yarn.com


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