August 27th, 2009

Thursday Musings

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We’re wrapping up our last week here at the beach.  I can’t believe the kids go back to school in just a couple of weeks.  It’s funny – as they get older I am in less of a rush to see them go back to the structure and demands of school.  We’ve had a great summer – we’ve done a ton of great things and have really enjoyed some great time together as a family.

For those of you who read this blog on a regular basis or listen to our podcast, Ready, Set, Knit! you know I am somewhat of a weather buff.  I love weather, I love storms – all of it.  This past weekend while we were staying with friends in Chatham, Hurricane Bill made a run up the coast.  I was nearly giddy with excitement.  Please don’t think I am secretly wishing for destruction or harm to anyone because I am not.  I may love the weather, but I am also very respectful of what it can do.  The last thing the outer Cape beaches need is a storm to cause more erosion.  At the same time, it was very exciting for me to see the power of Mother Nature. 

Fortunately, Bill fizzled and although there was some great wave action and unfortunately some erosion, it was otherwise a non-event.  On Saturday night, a bunch of us piled in our car to go out to Lighthouse Beach, which is right at the “elbow” of the Cape when you look at it on a map. It’s usually where the Weather Channel and CNN broadcast from.   We couldn’t see much on the beach, but the sound was awesome.  What I did get to see was this:

That is the flag that signifies a severe storm or Full Gale Warning.  I have never seen one before and I was pretty excited. 

Two of these flags together signify a hurricane is coming. . .in case you were curious.  My friends are now convinced more than ever that I am weird.  But they can’t wrap their heads around this yarn thing either so I don’t pay much attention 🙂

I’ve stayed on top of work items while we’ve been away but I have to admit to being behind on my blog reading.  I did some catching up this afternoon and in perusing Kim Werker’s blog, found out she’s raising money for the Pancreatic Cancer Walk in Albany, NY in September.  I consider Kim a friend and she is someone I have an enormous amount of respect for. I”ve also met her husband and parents who are also lovely, lovely people.  I tend to keep my philanthropic endeavors to myself and I’m not one to ask for money (unless you are buying yarn from me).   In this instance, all I am asking is for you to pop over to her blog, read her story and if you are moved to make a donation, great!  I just think there may be a few of your out there like me that have been crazy busy and would feel awful if the opportunity to support Kim’s efforts past you by. 

I’ll be blogging in more detail about this, but a quick reminder that just like my vacation, our End of Summer Sale is also coming to a close.  Last day to get some great yarns at incredible savings is this coming Monday, 8/31.   Whether you knit, crochet or weave, there are bargains to be had so don’t miss out!

Our fall classes are open and listed on-line and several are already full!  WOW!  If you haven’t had a chance to check things out, be sure to do so.  We also have lots of special events happening this season.  Those you can easily see by clicking on the link over to the right-side of this page “Upcoming Events”.  From book signings, to personal appearances to trunk shows and tradeshows, this fall is packed with great fun!

I’ll wrap up today with a couple of pictures from our trip out to Provincetown, which is way out at the tip of Cape Cod.  One of Jonathan’s favorite things to do is climb the Pilgrim Monument:

It was completed in 1910 and signifies the Pilgrim’s first landing in 1620.  They spent several weeks exploring the tip of Cape Cod before going onto to Plymouth.  While here, the Mayflower Compact was written.  Pretty cool stuff.  The boy in the blue shirt is Jonathan.

Here’s a view from the top (252 ft tall).

It’s been a great summer and I think we’re all sad to see it come to an end.


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