October 7th, 2011

Time on my Hands eBook Giveaway

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Hi Everyone,

Time on my Hands is a new eBook by Becky Herrick. It is a great collection of mittens, gloves, fingerless mitts, and wristwarmers.

Becky used our Valley Yarns Superwash DK for the adorable Play Time mittens featured below. (I know several kids who may be getting a pair for Christmas this year!)

If you’d like a copy of this the Time on my Hands eBook, head over to Becky’s site here and check out the patterns. Come back and leave a comment on which project you want to knit first. The winner will be randomly selected on Wednesday, October 12th.


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86 Responses to “Time on my Hands eBook Giveaway”

  1. Shari Says:

    I am blown away by the flounce on the cocktail hour mitts.  Would love to learn this technique 🙂

  2. Cynthia Says:

    Cocktail Hour of course – love those cuffs!

  3. Leigh Spiro Says:

    I love all of the patterns but I think I would knit Bewitching Hour first.  I love cables and have always wanted to try fingered gloves.

  4. Jean Ashley Says:

    I liked the Sun Dial and the Bewitching Hour patterns the best, and it would be hard to choose which one to do first…

  5. CeltChick Says:

    I’d like to make the Tea Time fingerless mitts.  I think they’d look divine with a lace 3/4 sleeve cardi I’m contemplating!  AnnBan on Ravelry, or adevine@myway.com

  6. Cpepper3 Says:

    I can’t wait to get started on Tea Time.  I need a little elegance in my life!

  7. Marianna Menkol Says:

    I would knit Digital Age–I love the braid.

  8. Kathy Says:

    Tea Time for me!

  9. sassykathy Says:

    Tea Time would be first, but with so many cute patterns, it’s hard to choose!

  10. Christine Lima Says:

    I’m such a colorwork geek…I would have to get going on Morningtide immediately if not sooner.

  11. Debby Says:

    The Tea Time fingerless gloves are very elegant and would be my choice to knit first, although it was difficult to choose. Thanks for the chance to win the whole collection.

  12. FlameyAmy Says:

    Oooh, Cocktail Hour! That would be first. And I have friends who need to learn to knit (I don’t even have to force them, they ASKED :D) and we could pick one to do a knit along. More sales, yay!

  13. Sara Byron Says:

    I’d be knitting “Tea Time” first, and probably multiple times!

  14. Tracy Anderson Says:

    1st – Tea Time
    2nd – Sun Dial

  15. Mary Fran Says:

    1st – Playtime, 2nd Digital Age.  I have a huge stash of not quite enough yarn for anything but mittens/gloves.  This would be perfect!

  16. Rmtaverner Says:

    I love Tea Time. It uses the Lily of the Valley pattern from estonian knitting. Beautiful! I can just see myself enjoiying tea with friends wearing those very special mitts.

  17. Ecr14 Says:

    Cocktail Hour and then Tea Time

  18. Terri Hamilton Says:

    I’d like to make “Cocktail Hour.” Unique and so rococo!

  19. marybou Says:

    I would love to start with the Play Time pattern for my children and the cool days ahead here in Kentucky, but ALL of the patterns are definitely tempting!

  20. Asteride Says:

    Tea time and Sun Dial are the ones that tickle me. I would love to knit them for my daughters.

  21. kim goodling Says:

    Morning Tide! Perfect for fall chore time!

  22. kim goodling Says:

    Morningtide! Perfect for fall chore time!

  23. Katie Says:

    All the patterns are lovely.  I have been in a mood to knit mittens for the holidays this year 🙂

  24. knittymom1 Says:

    Can’t wait to make Tea Time for my neighbor who always has cold hands. There’s not a better way to spend my time. 
    What a great variety of patterns.

  25. Dchilds Says:


  26. marci Says:

    I’d love to make Sundial for myself — my hands get really cold in the office!

  27. Kim R. Says:

    My favorite is the Sun Dial – love those cables!!

  28. TheWriteRach Says:

    I’d knit Digital Age first.  Then Cocktail Hour.  Both are gorgeous!  ALL of the patterns are gorgeous!

  29. WI_nurse2003 Says:

    These are all gorgeous!I think I would start with Tea Time for my daughter, but I would probably eventually make them all!

  30. Carmen Says:

    I like Grandfather Clock.

  31. Nicky Says:

    I like Cocktail Hour.  They would be lots of fun for halloween or any winter time formal event.

  32. Brendac77 Says:

    Loved Tea Time but will also make Cocktail Hour!

  33. Pam F. Says:

    Tea Time, because I’d like to have a fingerless mitt. and I like the lacey look.

  34. JoAnn Pelham Says:

    1 – Tea Time
    2 – Bewitching Hour

    Can’t decide!  🙂

  35. Marianne Says:

    I guess I’d go with Grandfather Clock because I just can’t stop giggling over that single cable running up the middle finger in Bewitching Hour!

  36. Jay Dubya Says:

     I like doing mittens, so “Cuckoo Clock” for me!.

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