April 3rd, 2012

Top 20 Finalist in the “This Is Retail” Video Contest!

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Hi Everyone

Well, the exciting news just seems to keep on coming our way as of late! We are excited to share the latest with all of you!

Steve & I submitted a 2 minute video to the National Retail Federation’s contest titled “This Is Retail“. We’ve been notified that we are a top 20 finalist which is very exciting! Over the next three weeks there will be a series of voting opportunities that can result in us advancing to the next round. When its all said and done the top three voted videos will attend the NRF’s national conference in Washington, DC in May. The top retailer will win $25,000, 2nd place is $15,000 and 3rd is $10,000. Needless to say, we’d love to be in the top 3 but first we have to get past this first round of voting.

Here’s how the voting works:

  • Starting April 3rd at 12:01am through 11:59pm on April 8th, we will be paired against one other video. We won’t know who it is until voting begins at 12:01am on 4/3. We will go head to head in the voting and the top vote-getter will move onto the top 10.
  • Round 2 (4/9–4/15) is structured the same way – each of the top 10 videos will be paired against one other video and the top vote-getter in each pairing will move on to the next round (top 5).
  • Round 3 (4/17–4/22) is down to the top 5. There are no match ups at this level – just general voting and the top three will go to DC.
  • Each individual can vote up to 10 times per day and voters must be over the age of 13.
  • All of the details and the other 19 finalists can be found on the National Retail Federation’s website.
  • Voting happens at retailmeansjobs.com/vote.
  • You can log in with a Google, Yahoo or Facebook account to vote.
We’ll be posting about this on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
We don’t want to drive everyone nuts with reminders to vote but will do some nudging along the way.
Please pass this along, please vote for us each day (10x) and help us make it to the next round.Thanks in advance for all of your help & consideration!



4 Responses to “Top 20 Finalist in the “This Is Retail” Video Contest!”

  1. Jnhrtn Says:

    Just voted ten times. Twenty-one minutes into the game and you’re ahead 79% to 21%. Hope it stays that way!

  2. Maureenodoogan Says:

    i voted!  it’s so much more satisfying when you have a candidate that you like!

  3. Margie204 Says:

    Webs just got all 10 of my votes and is still in the lead…67% to 33%!!! 

  4. Wanda E. Santiago Says:

     Voted Today best of luck.

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