March 19th, 2013

Tuesday’s Crochet Tip – Adding a Crochet Border to Knitting

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Not all knitters crochet, and not all crocheters knit, but both compliment each other beautifully in projects. Adding a crochet border to your knitting is a fantastic way to incorporate both mediums. I find crochet borders much easier to work than picking up and knitting around a project. Around the Corner Crochet Borders is filled with great ideas on embellishing your project with a beautiful border.

To pick up stitches to crochet on a garter stitch project:

1. Insert your hook in the space between the ridges.

2. Yarn over and pull your stitch through, making sure your hook is only going under two strands of yarn.

3. Your stitches will sit in between the garter ridges. On the next round, the gap will be hidden by the stitch above.

To pick up stitches to crochet around a stockinette stitch project:

1. Locate the edging stitches. They’re going to look like v’s going up along the side of your project.

2. Insert your hook into this edge stitch only. Make sure you are only going under two strands of yarn.


Do you like to mix things up by incorporating both knitting and crochet into your project?

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4 Responses to “Tuesday’s Crochet Tip – Adding a Crochet Border to Knitting”

  1. June (planetjune) Says:

    Single crochet and double crochet stitches have the same width (just different heights) so I’m wondering why you wouldn’t pick up the same number of knit stitches along an edge, whichever crochet stitch you’re using?

  2. WEBS Yarn Store Says:

    Thanks for pointing this out June. We’ve adjusted the blog post.

  3. Paula Randolph Says:

    I love combining the two

  4. Eve Sings Says:

    I made a knitted sweater (my first one) and theneck opening is way too large – this would be exactly what I would want to do…crochet onto it. But this is just to cast on correct? Is still need to learn to crochet?

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