March 26th, 2013

Tuesday’s Crochet Tip – Double Crochet Without a Starting Chain

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It’s the last week of National Crochet Month, and we’ve celebrated by sharing crochet tips and projects all month. This week, we have a handy trick to start your crocheted border, or join in the round, without having to use a starting chain.

When the first stitch of a new round or a border is a taller stitch, like a double crochet, usually you need to chain two or more before you can begin. This allows the first stitch to reach the height of the other stitches.

The pattern would say something like, “Chain two (this will count as your first double crochet).” The chains look different from the other double crochets and can end up standing out on your project, especially if used on a delicate border.

You can eliminate the need to use the chains with this technique.

1. Tie a slip knot on your hook, then yarn over.

2. Insert the hook into your project, yarn over, and pull through.

3. Now you’ll create your double crochet normally. Yarn over and pull through two strands, then yarn over and pull through the last two strands.

It’s a simple little trick that ends up making your project look neater in the end.


Do you have any favorite crochet tips we didn’t touch on this month?




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3 Responses to “Tuesday’s Crochet Tip – Double Crochet Without a Starting Chain”

  1. Grace in Him Says:

    Does this work only when you’re changing colors?

  2. WEBS Yarn Store Says:

    No, this would work with a one color project too.

  3. Sara Hess Says:

    This will save a lot of time.. sweetness!! They just keep making it easily and easily to crochet!! Love it!!

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