April 17th, 2012

Tuesday’s Crochet Tip – How to Join Granny Squares as You Go

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This week’s tip comes from Sara Delaney and is an excellent way to join granny squares. You’ve got to try it out.

Granny squares can be a great, quick project to use up lots of scraps but the additional work of joining them all together can be a bit daunting. By simply replacing some of the chain stitches along the sides and corners of the squares you are joining together you won’t have to bother with a crocheted or a sewn seam. If you crochet them together as you go then there isn’t any seaming at all!

Watch our new video as Sara walks you through the steps of joining granny squares as you go.

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6 Responses to “Tuesday’s Crochet Tip – How to Join Granny Squares as You Go”

  1. Christine Sloat Says:

    I LOVE the Webs videos. Not only informative, but quick and VERY professionally done!

    Thank you Webs!

  2. Doris Moran Dempsey Says:

    So clear and precise.  After making a granny square afghan and having to sew it together-which I will never do again now that I’ve seen this video, it looks so much neater and fluid-one square after another attaches without a hitch!  Thank you WEBS!

  3. Doris Moran Dempsey Says:

    This video is so clear and concise-I will never sew another granny square afghan again!  Thank you WEBS!

  4. Tip voor granny’s | Jenin's Says:

    […] geprobeerd en het werkt goed! Ik zie er nu minder tegen op om mijn granny-deken af te maken. Klik hier voor de videotutorial (Engels). Categorieën: HakenTags: Gehaakte grannydeken, […]

  5. Jill Says:

    Very clever. Now what happens when you are joining in the next row? Do you end up with three slipstitches in the corner chain-three loop, or do you do something different?

  6. Sandra Says:

    This is beautifully explained. Thank you so much for doing this – I could never really understand this method until I saw your video clip. It’s much easier seeing someone actually doing the movements than trying to read something and do it at the same time!

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