January 7th, 2014

Tuesday’s Crochet Tip – Keep your Crochet Hook Secure

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How to Keep your Crochet Hook SecureIt seems like every time I put my crochet project down, I lose my hook! I started inserting the hook through the project to try to keep the two together, but found it just slipped out eventually.

Now, I wrap a rubber band or a hair tie around the hook. It adds a little extra stickiness that keeps it in place. No more crawling around on the floor or digging in your couch cushions searching for your hook!

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2 Responses to “Tuesday’s Crochet Tip – Keep your Crochet Hook Secure”

  1. Cheryl Carlson Says:

    Trouble I have with this is the rubber band rubbing against the yarn will cause it to pill. Also, being the mother of a severly latex/rubber allergic son, you are infecting the yarn. Yes in severely allergic peopleit does matter

  2. Selena Says:

    I keep losing my hooks. They slip down through my recliner and go under my chair. Very frustrating. I am going to make a bracelet that will hold onto your hook.

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