September 4th, 2012

Tuesday’s Crochet Tip – Keeping your Hairpin Strips Tidy

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This week’s tip comes from Sara Delaney, one of our fantastic crochet instructors here at WEBS!

Making hairpin lace can be a really relaxing activity until it comes time to take it off the loom. How do you coral all those loops? Tin foil is your friend for this one! Simply pull off a piece of foil that is long enough and wide enough to wrap your loom like a present. Lay the loom down in the center of the foil, remove the top or bottom bar and slide the pegs out of your work leaving all those loops right in the midle of your foil, nice and neat. Fold up the sides, top and bottom and that strip will stay nice and tidy until you are ready to join it with others into a larger piece.

If you’ve never tried hairpin lace before and are curious what it is, check out some of these great patterns for inspiration.

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