June 20th, 2012

Tuesday’s Crochet Tip – Counting Long Foundation Chains

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Thanks to Kirsten Hipsky for this week’s crochet tip. This is a great tip if counting a large number of stitches in your foundation chain is daunting.

I didn’t figure this one out until a year or two ago, but it made starting my projects so much easier.

If you’re crocheting and have to chain a large number of stitches, just chain until it looks long enough, then chain a bunch extra. Then, when you’re done with your first row, you can just undo any extra chains.

Similarly, if you’re knitting and have to cast on a large number of stitches, you could either use stitch markers to keep track of every 20 or 50, or you could use a simple e-wrap or crocheted chain cast on, make a large number of them, then drop and unravel any excess when you’re done with your first row.

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3 Responses to “Tuesday’s Crochet Tip – Counting Long Foundation Chains”

  1. Alexis Says:

    How do you undo chains from the beginning? I didn’t know that could be done.

  2. Virginia Says:

    Yeah, it’s kind of a pain.  I’d rather count them as I go.

  3. Dena Says:

    Kirsten explains in the video that when you undo the chains from the beginning, you’re unraveling each stitch one at a time.

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