November 5th, 2013

Tuesday’s Knitting and Crochet Tip – Using a Salad Spinner

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Have you ever held a dripping sweater in your hands and wonder what is the best way to remove the excess water before blocking? Just the right tool may be found in your kitchen.

Use a salad spinner to get out excess water from your knitting or crochet project before blocking.

After I finish knitting or crocheting a project, I like to give it a good soak in some water with wool wash. I’ve tried a number of ways of removing the extra water before pinning it to a blocking board. My favorite and probably the quickest method is to use a salad spinner. It’s a lot more gentle than the spin cycle in my washing machine. I’ve used the towel method, but I don’t love the big pile of wet towels I have at the end. So if the project isn’t too big, I grab my salad spinner.

I’m always impressed by how much excess water I can get out with the salad spinner. (Yay centrifugal force!) A large salad spinner is big enough for many projects such as scarves, shawls, baby garments, lightweight sweaters, and gauge swatches (you do swatch, right?).

What is your favorite method of getting out the water from your project? Leave a note in the comments.


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9 Responses to “Tuesday’s Knitting and Crochet Tip – Using a Salad Spinner”

  1. Val Pelkey Gropp Says:

    Absolutely a salad spinner,one with a whole in the bottom is easiest..I also have used a large netted bag..onion or laundry bag..go out side and swing it like a windmill! Kids will do it for you..if you don’t have a salad spinner or a washer.

  2. Val Pelkey Gropp Says:

    Absolutey a salad with hole in the bottom is easiest..and one that won’t be needed for salad! I have also used netted bags..onion or laundry..take it outside and swing it like a will do this for you..if you don’t have a salad spinner or washer.

  3. Bonnie Sennott Says:

    I use towels. When bathroom towels get too frayed/raggedy to use anymore, they become “blocking towels.” I’ll have to give this salad spinner method a try!

  4. WEBS Yarn Store Says:

    Oh, love the netted bag method. Like a manual salad spinner, but maybe even more fun.

  5. Amy Greeman Says:

    I use a colander. Slower, but just as good.

  6. Cindy Minota Says:

    I use the spin cycle on my washer. It only takes 30 seconds to get all the excess water out to make blocking and drying faster!

  7. Cathy C Says:

    I sit my wet felted items on a synthetic chamois – one of those Sham-Wows you see advertised on TV. They suck out a tremendous amount of water.

  8. Dani Says:

    This is a great idea! I’m going to try it on my next project.

  9. Jeanne Says:

    I wrap my soaked item up in a towel or two, and then stand on the towel to force the water out. I might have to repeat the process several times depending on the the size of the knitted item. It works great.

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