April 9th, 2013

Tuesday’s Knitting Tip – How to Fix a Pulled Stitch

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It’s happened to all of us. You spend countless hours working on your project, only to snag it on something. The usual culprits of these pulled stitches include car keys, corners, and pets. But don’t worry, there is a way to fix it!

If your project gets a pulled stitch, you’re going to see that one of the stitches has gotten very long and all the stitches next to it have gotten very tight from being pulled.

It’s a lot easier to see these tight stitches from the purl bumps. Locate which purl bump the problem stitch is, and work your way down the row, gently pulling out each of these loops. This will slowly even out the tension. Once you’ve pulled your yarn through all the way down to the end, you can reblock your project and that should hide any inconsistencies in your tension.

Check out the video below to see this tip in action!

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2 Responses to “Tuesday’s Knitting Tip – How to Fix a Pulled Stitch”

  1. Gloria Waddell Says:

    There is a video showing ho to fix pulled stitches in knitting. Only when you click on it to view it says does not exist

  2. Sara Says:

    Thanks for letting us know, Gloria! We’ve updated the link 🙂

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