July 9th, 2013

Tuesday’s Knitting Tip – How to Join in the Round Invisibly

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When joining in the round, it’s very common to have a gap in your project at the beginning. Sometimes you can hide it by weaving in your ends to close this gap, but there’s an even better way!

To join in the round invisibly, cast on one more stitch than your pattern calls for. Then, when you’re ready to join in the round, slip this extra stitch to the left needle. Using the working yarn and the yarn tail held together, knit the first two stitches together. Now drop the tail and knit as you normally would.

This technique is especially useful on socks where the gap can be more noticeable, but equally as helpful for projects like hats and mittens.

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18 Responses to “Tuesday’s Knitting Tip – How to Join in the Round Invisibly”

  1. Kelly H. Says:

    The first two sts or the first and last sts (from each end of the c/o row)?

  2. Knitter Says:

    The last stitch on the left needle and the extra stitch you have slipped to the left needle are to be knit together.

  3. Beverly W Says:

    I was taught to keep the extra stitch on the right hand needle, knit the first stitch on the left needle, then pass the extra stitch over the first stitch.

  4. ljknits Says:

    I do this all the time. It’s a great idea.

  5. Laura Blinn Says:

    Thanks so much! I always struggle with this! I’ll try it next time!

  6. MyssT Says:

    Ok…I found a video:


  7. Peaceable Liberal Says:

    That’s a great tip! Thanks.

  8. simpsoka Says:

    Smart! Love it

  9. Susan Says:

    Awesome — I always forget!
    Thanks for this reminder!!

  10. Lis bertelsen Says:

    This is such a god ideal,I always struckle With This problem.Thank you

  11. Mary t. Says:

    Thank u so much, it is sites like yours….. and Pinterest that help so many people…..Our Thanks.
    Mary T

  12. John Says:

    I tend to cast on the pattern number of stitches, then slip the first cast-on stitch (the knotted one) through the last cast-on stitch, then start knitting. I’ll have to try this method. It seems more logical to me (I’m an engineer).

  13. Avril Says:

    Thanks for a great tip, will be using this method on all my knitted hats.

  14. Kathy Francis Says:

    I was taught to slip the first stitch from the right needle onto the left needle and then slip the last stitch from the left needle over the slipped stitch and onto the right needle. I’ll try this and see how it works.

  15. Kelly Says:

    After the slip back to left needle and tightening do you then begin with first stitch/stitch marker?

  16. Marykate Says:

    That’s what I do, and it works for me!

  17. Bernadette Kilian Says:

    Wow! How simple is that!? No lengthy and complicated video. Thank you… This works like a charm!

  18. Barbara Lowell Says:

    the link to New Stitch a Day is fabulous also … I have never pleasantly accomplished this join reliably until I realized you really have to pull your thread tight after joining. So seems strange to add another yarn.

    But I will try it this way, she has using both the tail and the working yarn together, seems a bit bulky but I look forward to trying since my results to date have not been all that great.

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