June 11th, 2013

Tuesday’s Knitting Tip – Making Stripes Match Easily with Top-Down Knitting

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Suzette is a wonderful member of our store team, and she has a very handy tip for us! Striped projects knit in pieces can be very hard get just right. If you knit your striped projects seamlessly from the top-down instead, the color changes will match up just right. Knitting from the top-down eliminates the need to painstakingly match up your stripes when assembling your garment.

Suzette says, “Knitting stripes that join perfectly can be a real struggle with pieced patterns, but top-down knitting solves all the matching up problems, with the bonus of neat looking angles at the shoulders. I used Knitting Pure and Simple #296 and Classic Elite Yarn Color by Kristin. It was fun to choose the vibrant color contrasts. The only change I made was to create the blue up the center for button loops and buttons.”

Top-down knitting also has the benefit of trying on your project as you go. You can start your hat, and knit it to just the right length. Sweaters can even be tried on as you go when knit from the top-down.


You can find more top-down knitting projects here. Stripes can be added to almost anything!

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