July 17th, 2012

Tuesday’s Knitting Tip – Pick Up Stitches with a Tunisian Crochet Hook

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I love using interchangeable knitting needles. Late at night or after the yarn shop has closed, I know that I will still have just the right needle size for those spur-of-the-moment knitting projects that I just need to start…right now. Now, many knitting needle companies (Denise, Knitter’s Pride, Addi) have added Tunisian crochet hooks that work with your interchangeable knitting needle sets.

I’ve read about how if you have trouble picking up stitches you can pick them up with a crochet hook and transfer them to your knitting needle. But I find that method a little tedious. A much slicker method is to use an interchangeable Tunisian crochet hook to pick up stitches around a neck or along a button band. As you pick up the stitches with your hook, they slide along and collect on the cord. Once you’ve finished picking up the correct number of stitches, just switch out the Tunisian crochet tip for a knitting needle tip and away you go, knitting the button band or neckband.

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6 Responses to “Tuesday’s Knitting Tip – Pick Up Stitches with a Tunisian Crochet Hook”

  1. StegophilistSallet64 Says:


  2. Mlcspouse Says:

    Do they work for Knit Picks?

  3. Dshoppe Says:

    Great idea, too bad I don’t have one I need to pick up 120+ stitches and cannot wait.  BUT, i will need to get one to be ready for the next time.

  4. Lhbanchik Says:

    It’s nice but I really don’t want to pay $50 plus dollars for a single hook. I just wish that Addi offered single hooks.

  5. Lorraine139 Says:

    This is a great tip! I saw this on the Webs blog (or maybe heard it on the podcast) last year, and it made so much sense. I bought a single size 7 Tunisian hook and also a size E from the Webs booth at Stitches last year and I use them constantly for picking up stitches. They work just fine with the Knit Picks cables and needles.

  6. Linda Hensens Says:

    Yes, they do. I have a whole set of Harmony IC needles, and I use the Knitter’s Pride Tunisian hooks on the Harmony cables all the time. The Knitter’s Pride and the Knit Picks sets are interchangeable with all cables and tips. 

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