September 24th, 2013

Tuesday’s Tip – How to Get the Best Fit for Hand Knit Gloves and Mittens

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How to Measure for Gloves and MittensThis week’s tip comes from our Design Manager, Kirsten. She helps us understand how to get the best fit for our hand knit gloves and mittens

To choose the best size glove to make, you should measure around your hand above the knuckles, including the tip of the thumb, and pick the size that’s closest to this measurement. This will give you just the right amount of wiggle room and help account for the thickness of the fabric. I avoided sizing like that for the longest time, thinking I wanted really snug gloves and mittens, but they never felt quite right until I added the thumb tip.



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5 Responses to “Tuesday’s Tip – How to Get the Best Fit for Hand Knit Gloves and Mittens”

  1. Nancie Says:

    I disagree with this way of measuring for gloves. The hand should be measured loosely around just the knuckles with the hand held in a slightly bent and relaxed way. In my experience (as a professional theatrical costume maker), including the thumb would give you too big of a glove size.

  2. AnnP Says:

    I’ve always measured around the knuckles, but going to try this as arthritis has made my thumb joints bigger and I think the extra room will be more comfortable.

  3. Robin Hunter Says:

    I also think this will make a glove far to loose for my standards. I measure around the knuckles. I often knit gloves with yarn leftover from other projects and have noticed that less elastic yarns require even fewer stitches to ensure good fit. The only time I account for thickness of fabric is when using very heavy yarns on fingerless mittens.

  4. Snow Says:

    This is great to measure for the thumb gusset, but there also needs to be a measurement around just the knuckles of your four fingers.

  5. Lisa Georgette Says:

    Thank you. Useful.

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