January 14th, 2014

Tuesday’s Tip – How to Join with the Magic Knot

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If you’ve ever run into a big knot in your yarn while working on a project, this is a great way to join in your new strand of yarn. The Magic Knot joins two strands of yarn together with virtually no visible ends. It could even be used to join a new skein and avoid weaving in ends!

This technique is best used with a dense stitch pattern like garter stitch or seed stitch. A more open stitch or lace won’t hide the knot. It is also best used with a sturdy plied yarn. Single plies and delicate fibers aren’t strong enough to hold up to the strength test and will fall apart.

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2 Responses to “Tuesday’s Tip – How to Join with the Magic Knot”

  1. Leslie Butler Says:

    I’m working on an afghan and have been using this join this week. Amazing!

  2. Lori D Says:

    I like this video; it is a very clear and concise demonstration video. My only problem is, my brain can’t wrap around how to do this if there were only 2 free ends of yarn instead of 4. I have a project on one yarn and a ball on the end of the other yarn. I wish this had been shown in the video versus two cut pieces of yarn. Could you maybe do another one in the future like I described? Thanks!

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