February 21st, 2012

Tuesday’s Tip – How to Keep Your Crochet from Unraveling

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I tend to throw my projects into my bag with much less care than I should. Luckily, with knitting, I am often working on circulars, which can be tied into a knot, keeping the project safely on the needles.

With crochet, I don’t have that option. So before tossing my crochet project into my bag, I add something to the working loop to keep it from unraveling. The easiest item to use is a locking stitch marker. But, in a pinch, I have also used paper clips, twist ties and bobby pins.

della Q Eden Cotton Pouch
and Cascade Yarns Eco+ pictured above

What are your favorite uses for locking stitch markers in your knitting or crochet?

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4 Responses to “Tuesday’s Tip – How to Keep Your Crochet from Unraveling”

  1. stefanie Says:

    Thanks for the awesome tip – I just started crocheting (as in, a few days ago), so this is unbelievably timely & helpful! 

  2. Laura Says:

    I use locking stitch markers to mark knitting errors, so that I can drop down & fix them on the next pass. I keep hoping I won’t need them so often but thus far, they’re pretty frequently used!  🙂

  3. Jmcconnellsoho Says:

    I don’ t put that much effort into it. I pull up a large loop on the last stitch and tie a loose knot. No extra equipment needed.

  4. Temp Says:

    What type of stitch is used in the yellow item?

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