December 25th, 2012

Tuesday’s Tip – How to Make a Pom Pom

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Amy shows us how to make the perfect pom pom in this week’s tip. You can use pom poms to top a hat, add some flair to your holiday packages, or to decorate almost anything!

Step 1: Place two pieces of the pom pom maker together with the tabs facing out.  Make sure you have one of each of the different pieces.  One has raised dots and one is flat.

Step 2. Begin wrapping the two pieces together with whatever yarn you are making the pom pom with.  You can change colors as much as you want or not at all.  Wrap the yarn until the semi-circle is full.  I always wrap it more than I think I should.  This gives you a nice full, dense pom pom at the end.

Step 3. Repeat with the other two pieces.

Step 4. Place the two wrapped semi circles together to create a circle, with scissors cut around the circle in the space between the two pieces.

Step 5. Now, take a length of yarn, place it in the space between the two pieces, tie a half knot and pull tightly.  You are securing all the little cut pieces together in the center of the pomp on.  Tie another half knot to finish securing the center.  You can trim these long pieces later, but I like to use them to secure the pom pom to whatever I am making or to hang it.

Step 6. Take the plastic pieces apart and off of the pom pom and trim the pom pom until it is round, it will initially look a little oblong.

Now you have a nice dense, round pom pom to put on the top of a hat or hang as a decoration!

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  1. Kali Woodbridge Says:

    FYI- the pom-pon link goes to a different pom-pon maker than what you use in this article.

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