February 4th, 2014

Tuesday’s Tip – Keep your Place on a Chart with a Dry Erase Marker and Page Protector

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Use a Page Protector and Dry Erase Marker to Keep your Place on a ChartThis week’s tip comes from Jackie, one of our fabulous customer service representatives.

When I do any project with a chart, I like to put the pattern in a plastic page protector and then mark my place in the chart with a dry erase marker. If I make a mistake and need to frog a couple rows, it’s a lot easier to update my place than if I had written on the pattern itself; and pencil marks can get confusing if my eraser doesn’t work well enough. As long as I’m careful about not putting anything on top of the page protector, the dry erase marks are still there weeks later when I pick up the project again after indiscriminately abandoning it!

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14 Responses to “Tuesday’s Tip – Keep your Place on a Chart with a Dry Erase Marker and Page Protector”

  1. DWJ Says:

    I go digital most days, especially with patterns. I’ve found the JKnit HD Lite app for iPad lets you highlight rows on charts (from PDFs) as you go along and it saves your place. Absolutely fantastic.

  2. brenda Says:

    I prefer to make a paper copy that I mark and make notes on…learned to do this when I realized I made original unreadable. it’s for my personal use so figure not breaking the law

  3. missmoxie Says:

    I LOVE this idea!!

  4. Kathy Says:

    I like to use highlighter tape. That way you can put your pattern in your bag and it is still marked for the next time you pick up the project.

  5. Kay Says:

    Trying to knit from a chart for the first time, unless you count the number of times I’ve frogged this, then its more like eighteen. I’m determined to get use to reading right to left and then left to right ! Thanks for the tips.

  6. SMK Says:

    Love this idea! I usually clip a paper to the chart and slide it along,but it gaps and I end up on the wrong row.

  7. Judi Says:

    What a great idea!

  8. Jan Says:

    This is a great tip and I plan to use it. Sure beats, pencil checkmarks along the side of the chart!

  9. Petra Says:

    Great idea, never liked to move the magnets, because mine never lined up.

  10. Kari Says:

    I have this app on my iPhone. It works really well.

  11. Arlan Gerhardt Says:

    Great tip!

  12. BJ Says:

    Great Idea!! If I just remember to mark my place before I drop the work and run to do something..smile

  13. Jimmy Brodie Says:

    I scanned the chart and then printed out a sheet for each time I needed to repeat. I then could cross off stitch by stitch as I go along. Need to rip, just mark a new sheet of paper. Really helped me on my first pattern project.

  14. nuclearfinz Says:

    use wet erase, less likely to smudge when putting your pattern away.

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