December 18th, 2012

Tuesday’s Tip – Knitting Backwards

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Have you ever tried knitting entrelac? It’s an absolutely beautiful technique that can be a little cumbersome to work. It involves knitting a few stitches at a time, turning your work, and purling back these few stitches.¬†When I was knitting the Autum Shawl, flipping my work constantly started to get really frustrating and even difficult as the shawl got larger.

Knitting backwards, or it’s also referred to as reverse knitting, eliminates the need to flip your work. Take your left needle and put it into the back of the stitch on your right needle. Yarn over, and pull the the stitch through. The stitch will end up on your left needle. You’ll see that you really are knitting backwards, creating knit stitches by working left to right.

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