October 9th, 2012

Tuesday’s Tip – Taking your Measurements

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Ysolda Teague’s book Little Red in the City offers fantastic tips on knitting, including how to get the perfect fit for a woman. If you’re going to spend the countless hours it takes to make a fitted garment, you want to make sure it really does fit in the end! On the right, you’ll see just where to put the tape measure for most of your measurements. You’ll get the most accurate information if you’re wearing the same undergarments you’ll wear under your knitted project, and it’s absolutely necessary to have a friend help you. You can’t get accurate measurements if you’re trying to do them yourself!


Where to measure from top to bottom:


High Bust
Under Bust
High Hip
Low Hip
Upper Arm





You also want to measure: straight between your shoulder bones, across your back, your back neck to waist, waist to hem, and measure your arm for your sleeve length starting at your shoulder and measuring down to your wrist. You can check our Ysolda’s book, Little Red in the City for a really in depth explanation and schematics.

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  1. NM Hart Says:

    I have to also take into account my side to side measurements for my narrow back and wider front. I love that knitting is so accommodating! I also love your store!!!!

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