May 7th, 2013

Tuesday’s Tip – Tame Unruly Yarn Ends

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When Kristin knit Flow by Norah Gaughan, she was presented with a problem. The yarn, Berroco Seduce, is absolutely lovely but the slippery fibers made it hard to get the yarn ends to stay put.

To deal with unruly ends, Kristin uses crazy glue or super glue to tack then down after she’s woven them in for an inch or two. She also likes to use a patch of one sided fusible interfacing and iron it on to of the wiggly end.

Yarn made of slippery fibers like rayon and silk can be tough to keep in place. This tip will help keep your finished project looking clean and polished!


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9 Responses to “Tuesday’s Tip – Tame Unruly Yarn Ends”

  1. Judy11 Says:

    Great idea I have knit some cotton blanket for the grandsons that seem to continually be showing up new ends sneaking ou, that I reweave in again. Must try one of these suggestion (or maybe even both on diff ends) on the next go round – as I have already fielded requests and color preference for the next set.

  2. Kayten Kraft Says:

    Great idea, just don’t use too much. This is one of the reasons I hate buying 50 gram skeins. And Seduce is only 40 grams!

  3. Kathy Says:

    Neat tricks. I have a couple questions. Use the glue when the yarn is woven into the item after it’s finished? or is the yarn joined (like a Russian join) together while still knitting? Does it make a lump? Does it wash out easily? Interfacing – when two yarns joined while knitting or after the item is completed and yarn woven in?

  4. Carolyn Majors Says:

    I use a product called FrayCheck, it remains soft not like glue. It is made by Dritz and is sold in most sewing and craft stores.

  5. WEBSmary Says:

    Everything I do is after the yarn has been woven in. The yarns that tend to require this treatment really don’t work with Russian join. I just use a little teeny dab of glue on the end poking out on the inside of the garment. This prevents the end from wiggling out to the right side of the garment, and it also prevents it from wiggling out of its place and becoming unwoven. I wouldn’t use the glue with a super lacy garment and fine yarn because you might have a lump or a visible spot. As for washing, you will want to use a fabric glue if you plan to machine wash it but hand washed garments should hold up with something like crazy glue. You just need a teeny little dab.

    With the interfacing, I would just use a small square to the inside of the garment to cover the end so it doesn’t wiggle out. Again, this is after the ends have been woven in.

    If you’re ever unsure, try a little experiment with your swatch (you did one right? OK well work one up with your leftovers if you need to)..


  6. Bekah Says:

    That’s clever! I have FrayCheck, since I also sew, but it never occurred to me to use it with knitting.

  7. Bethany Gingerich Says:

    Doesn’t the super glue create a little hard spot in your fabric? It seems to me that it would.

  8. raindancer40 Says:

    I use a needle and sewing thread that matches the yarn to tack it down well.

  9. Kathy Says:

    Thanks Kristin. That clarifies it well. These are some useful ideas.

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