August 27th, 2013

Tuesday’s Tip – Use a Bread Clip to Tame Yarn Tails

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This week’s tip comes from Kerry, one of our fantastic Customer Service Representatives here at WEBS.

Kerry discovered this tip when a customer sent in a partially completed project for us to look at. The customer needed help matching the discontinued yarn the project was made of, but Kerry couldn’t help notice the bread clip used to keep her yarn tail manageable and tidy. She had left an extra long yarn tail to use for seaming when her project was complete.

You could also use bread clips to substitute for bobbins when doing colorwork projects!

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4 Responses to “Tuesday’s Tip – Use a Bread Clip to Tame Yarn Tails”

  1. Kathryn Kienholz Says:

    I would round all the corners on that bread clip so it didn’t catch on things. Otherwise, great tip!

  2. Metaphor Yarns Says:

    Did you know a bread clip is called an “occlupanid”? By the way, I like to leave tails long enough to sew up my seams, so this tip is very useful.

  3. Helen Hubbard Says:

    I remember when you could buy a plastic bobbin and it was about 2 inches long for color work and it was shaped just like the bread clip

  4. Joanne Snyder Says:

    Cool tip thank you

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