June 25th, 2013

Tuesday’s Tip – Use Magnetic Closures Instead of Snaps

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Katie was working on these bibs when she realized she had a better solution for the closure. Putting a bib on a wiggly baby isn’t the easiest thing to do; you usually have to use two hands to snap the bib in place. For these, Katie decided to use Magnetic Tote Bag Closures instead! This is a fantastic idea. You can put the bib around the baby’s neck with one hand, and the magnets match up to each other with only a little help. This technique doesn’t have to be limited to bibs either. Almost any project needing a closure can use these magnetic closures instead of buttons or snaps.

For these bibs, Katie used Plymouth Jeannee Worsted. The pattern is Crochet Baby Bib by NeedleNoodles.

Of course, like any project using small parts, be sure to keep an eye on your little one when they’re wearing their bib!


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One Response to “Tuesday’s Tip – Use Magnetic Closures Instead of Snaps”

  1. Michelle Johnson Says:

    Thank you for sharing Grace. I am a beginner knitter and decided to attach metal snaps to my yarn but it wind up ripping out one side and getting stuck on the other, so I think I will try it again and use magnetic closures.

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