December 24th, 2013

Tuesday’s Tip – What to do with Unfinished Gifts

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Photos by Lindsey TophamChristmas Eve is here and time is almost up! If you haven’t finished all of ¬†your handmade gifts this season, there are still some options (other than staying up all night of course!).

– Wrap your unfinished gift and let them open it this way. Depending on how much work you have to do, you can take it back and finish it Christmas day with them there, or take it home and mail it to them in a few days.

– If your hand made gift didn’t make it onto the needles yet, wrap up the yarn and the pattern for them instead. This way they get to see what their gift will look like, and you can take your materials back to finish their gift after Christmas.

– If you still want to keep things a surprise, write out an IOU for the present. A note in a Christmas card telling them to “Stay tuned for an awesome gift!” will let them know they haven’t been forgotten.

Of course, the basis of handmade gifts is the thought. Your loved ones will be thrilled you thought to make them a gift, and will treasure it no-matter when they receive it.

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One Response to “Tuesday’s Tip – What to do with Unfinished Gifts”

  1. Cris C Says:

    Huh. Well, my solution to unfinished gifts? I simply print a picture from the pattern (or pattern page on ravelry), put it in a card, and add a note saying “this beautiful thing, knit with love, will be yours…soonish. Merry Christmas from your favorite knitter!” This whole putting the unfinished thing under the tree and taking it back just seems kind of…weird.

    Of course, my card solution is also weird, but somehow more funny to me and the recipient.

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