March 20th, 2012

Tuesday’s Weaving Tip – Sampling

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This week’s weaving tip comes from Barbara Elkins via Daryl Lancaster who will be teaching at WEBS in April, Garment Construction & Finshing Techniques and Exercises & Inspiration for the Color Challenged.

Daryl Lancaster in her studio

Many weavers don’t want to put a separate warp on the loom to check sett and finishing and lots of times we trip up. Here’s a way around it.

On a wide warp, wind a half-yard more than you expect to need and weave 12”. Cut the piece off, stay stitch around the edges and divide the fabric in thirds. For a scarf warp, add a yard and a quarter to the length of the warp and weave off a yard and divide it into three pieces.

Don’t do anything with one piece. Hand wash and air dry one piece. Put the third piece in a mesh laundry bag and throw it in the washer and dryer with the rest of your laundry. Compare the pieces and you’ll be able to tweak the sett and/or finishing of the final fabric.

Do you ever take the time to weave a sample before starting your project?

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2 Responses to “Tuesday’s Weaving Tip – Sampling”

  1. Cassandra Nancy Lea Says:

    I have learned the hard way to sample, sample, sample!!!!  I am blessed with a couple of table looms I can use for this, one of them a unique “Structo” with 16 shafts.  Sampling seems like a lot of trouble, but it can save you more trouble down the line.  The only stuff I put on a loom without it are the “tried and true” stuff I weave repeatedly, so, I guess the “sampling” is ‘way back there somewhere.  ANY time it’s something new, SAMPLE!!!!!

  2. Gnlmutti Says:

    I confess I rarely sample if you mean setting up a sample warp before doing a project.  But I always add extra yardage to play with and sometimes I might cut it off before proceeding with the project so I guess I sometimes do sample!  I always called it having fun with the warp.

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