November 19th, 2015

Valley Yarns 670 Holiday Bears KAL Week 3

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We’re continuing our KAL this week and it involves finishing up our bears. Next week we’ll finish them up completely with their accessories. After completing the body of the bear, you move on to the legs. When separating for the legs, you’ll bind off the middle and work each leg separately. Leave the dpns, or use the waste yarn trick from last week.

Separating for the legs - Valley Yarns 670 Holiday Bears

After you finish the legs, you’ll want to seam the bound off stitches so the only hole remaining is at the top of the head. Before stuffing, use a simple running stitch to close off the ears. We’ve shown it here in a contrasting color.

Running stitch on ear - Valley Yarns 670 Holiday Bears

Give your bear some personality with a face. You can really have fun here! Use safety eyes or yarn. Give your bear a big nose, or small one. Make it a happy bear or a mischievous bear.

Adding the face - Valley Yarns 670 Holiday Bear

What will your bear’s face look like?

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