October 21st, 2013

Valley Yarns in Knit Simple

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Knit Simple Holiday 2013 issue has a great section on dual-purpose patterns, you can have a vest or sweater a pullover or a cardigan! One of the designs, the Cowl Vest/Cowl Pullover by Cheryl Murray, uses our very own Valley Yarns Northfield.

Cowl Vest and Pullover pattern knit in Valley Yarns Northfield for Holiday 2013 Knit Simple

What combination of colors from our line of Northfield would you choose?




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3 Responses to “Valley Yarns in Knit Simple”

  1. ebog Says:

    Knitting yarn looks great. The color combination is very good. I really think this is a great product

  2. Sue Wilkins Says:

    I’d love tho see sugar plum and coco in this vest……a winner!

  3. JillM Says:

    Chestnut with FireDance accent. Or I might color-block it in Chestnur, Cocoa, FireDance & Avocado.

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