February 17th, 2012

Valley Yarns on Ravelry #14 – Northfield

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Valley Yarns Northfield is a customer and staff favorite. Soft enough to wear against the skin, great stitch definition for cable work, and 22 lovely colors to choose from. These nine Northfield projects on Ravelry are excellent examples of why we love Northfield so much.

Erin’s Mittens
and Hat
 by Debbi Stone
(pattern available for purchase on Ravelry)

Babette Blanket
 by Kathy Merrick, crocheted by Carajv’s
(pattern available for purchase from Interweave)

Henna Cardigan
by Veridian Design Team, knit by ksporter
(pattern available for purchase on Ravelry)

Trailing Vine
designed and knit by ksporter
(pattern not available, but it’s so stunning I just had to include it)

by Kim Hargreaves , knit by helmade
(pattern available in the Nectar pattern book)

by Gudrun Johnston , knit by jerdingr
(pattern available for at yarn.com)

Orkney Pi
by Elizabeth Lovick , knit by motherbee
(pattern available for purchase on Ravelry)

by Ysolda Teague , knit by ravelry name
(pattern available from the book Little Red in the City)

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7 Responses to “Valley Yarns on Ravelry #14 – Northfield”

  1. Lore Says:

    This yarn is all of the above and more. I have washed a sample – always use a meshbag – in the washing machine and used the damp dry cycle in the dryer and finished drying by alying flat. I was soft, kept it`s shape. Looking forward to finishing and wearing the sweater. 

  2. nike shox torch Says:

    This is terrific.

  3. Jdoliverio Says:

    Don’t think that is right that you include a picture of a sweater for which you have no pattern.

  4. Brenda Says:

    Totally agree…..not right to post picture if pattern is not available. Get all excited over a design and then find you can’t get it…..no fun in that!~!~!

  5. Marilyn Godfrey Says:

    Since this is a sport weight yarn and is alpaca/wool plus silk, how will it do as warp for a doubleweave blanket?

  6. waterishcat Says:

    I disagree. The idea is really good, and we can figure the pattern out for ourselves, or create a similar one. The idea is well worth sharing!

  7. Tessa Says:

    I love including photo of the vine sweater. It can stimulate us to create our own, or replicate it. Always room for creativity! Inspiration!
    Knitting is incredible!

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