April 27th, 2011

Valley Yarns on Ravelry Issue #2

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The April portion of our Anniversary Sale is winding down. I thought it would be a great opportunity to highlight some of the Ravelry projects which use our Valley Yarns that are on sale through April. As always, Ravelry continues to be a wonderful resource for inspiration of what you can do with yarn.

1. ohsewcrafty’s Kat hat by Kim Hargreaves knit in Valley Yarns Sheffield.

2. noracarr’s Shipwreck Shawl by Knitting Harpy knit in Valley Yarns 5/2 Cotton.

3. Pien-Ams’s Azami hooded pullover by Carol Feller knit in Valley Yarns Southwick.

4. HauteKnitDesigns’s Annabelle sweater by Mishellee Zaharis knit in Valley Yarns Northfield.

5. carpeyarnum’s Baby Blanket (original design) woven in Valley Yarns Noho.

6. TheSexyKnitter’s Sahara pullover by Wendy Bernard knit in Valley Yarns Southwick.

7. darrrrkwind’s Starling Handbag by Alice Merlino crocheted in Valley Yarns Greenfield.

8. mwhite’s Twirlstar skirt by (original design) knit in Valley Yarns 8/2 Cotton Linen and 5/2 Cotton.

9. samdana’s circle-in-a-square blanket by Tamara Erbacher crocheted in Valley Yarns Greenfield.

10. beebeeeyes’s Paper Moon hat by Beth Hahn knit in Valley Yarns Southwick.

11. Chrilau’s Alexandria Cardigan by Connie Chang Chinchio knit in Valley Yarns Southwick.

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3 Responses to “Valley Yarns on Ravelry Issue #2”

  1. marii Says:

    This Alexandria is gorgeous!

  2. Christine (Chrilau) Says:

    Thank you Marii 🙂 And thank you Dena for featuring my Alexandria !

  3. Samdana Says:

    Thanks for webs and Dena for featuring my project on ravelry – circle-in-a-square 🙂


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