June 11th, 2011

Valley Yarns on Ravelry Issue #4 – Southwick

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Valley Yarns Southwick is Steve’s Deal of the Day featured yarn this weekend, on sale for $3.99/ball (use promo code FBSOUTHWI3). These Ravelry projects using Southwick showcase what a great yarn it is for summer garments. It really shines in lacy shawls, cute tees and tanks, and cardigans with a lovely drape and amazing stitch definition. The pima cotton and bamboo blend feels soft and cool against your skin. What kind of Southwick garment do you want to add to your summer wardrobe?

1. Berry Smoothie Shawl crocheted by CraftyCSW – This Stellaria Shawl by Diana Troldahl is a nice mix of Southwick colors. And the Faroese shape will stay on your shoulders.

2. Summer Flies knit by TerryRoss – This free Ravelry download pattern from Donna Griffin is gorgeous in Southwick.

3. The Krista Tee knit by marymealittle – Joan McGowan-Michael design adds lacy charm to your summer wardrobe.

4. Diminishing Rib Cardigan knit by monstermum – The addition of clam stitch rows to this Interweave Knits pattern is what makes this cardigan so stunning.

5. Lotus Blossom Tank knit by akabori – Another great design from Interweave Knits.

6. Shirred Shrug knit by projectstashEL – A perfect little dancer shrug that pops in Nantucket Blue.

7. Heaven Shawl knit by DDCKnitt – Christy Verity’s 198 yds. of Heaven pattern makes a great lacy shawl in Southwick.

8. Ginger Kina knit by NancyBW – This short-sleeve cardigan would look equally good over a tank and shorts for a casual look, or paired with a sundress in a fun print.

9. Cables and Os knit by strawberries – I’ve always loved this cardigan from No Sheep for You.

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One Response to “Valley Yarns on Ravelry Issue #4 – Southwick”

  1. Robinwhitemedia Says:

    Those are some beautiful patterns.  I really liked the shawls.  Nice work.  I really want to try and knit something but I don’t know if I will have the patience.  Haha.  I love browsing on the yarn sites and seeing all of the different textures.  You guys should check out Galler Yarns. 


    I go there all the time.

    Thanks again for the nice post.


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