July 31st, 2014

Valley Yarns Pattern Feature – Bilateral Cardigan

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From looking at it, you’d never guess that this cropped Bilateral Cardigan is made from just two hexagons, but follow along and see how it works!


Alternate two different skeins of Valley Yarns BFL Worsted Hand Dyed by the Kangaroo Dyer for subtle, blended colors, or make each hexagon with different skeins for a two-toned effect. We even have a handy tutorial video to show you how this sweater comes together!


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2 Responses to “Valley Yarns Pattern Feature – Bilateral Cardigan”

  1. Renee Fines Says:

    I am so happy you posted this video, without which I would have been lost.

    I read the assembly instructions 4 or 5 times, and skimmed the hexagon construction portion.

    I hope a printable note as regards the 540 degrees of ruffly hexagon can be added to the pattern-or an asterisked notation on the purchase page-to assist those of us who value the future reference factor for our paid (lovely) patterns.


  2. Renee Fines Says:

    …asterisked notation to refer the purchaser/knitter to addenda/errata portion of your site in the instructions (will look now!)

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