October 15th, 2014

Valley Yarns Pattern Feature – Russian Sage Shawl

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In the Russian Sage Shawl budding branch shapes swirl around in a breath-taking lace crescent. Little branch and leaf shapes create an overall elaborate effect without conflicting with the bright colors of variegated Valley Yarns Leyden, our newest yarn.

Russian Sage promo

The designer, Kirsten Hipsky, says, “The process for designing this shawl was a lot of fun: I took one of my favorite crescent shawl shapes (as seen in the Foxfire Shawl and the Iced Branch Shawl), started it, and improvised a little lace within the shapes as it grew. Once I was satisfied with the basic lace motifs, I repeated them for the rest of the shawl. Like a kaleidoscope or making a snowflake – there’s so much beauty to be found in symmetry and repetition. And I think the results are just stunning!”


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4 Responses to “Valley Yarns Pattern Feature – Russian Sage Shawl”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Him could you tell me the level of difficulty with the Russian Sage Shaw? I don’t see this in the brief description. I am a beginner crochet and don’t want to tackle something I’m not ready for yet. Thanks, Nancy

  2. Sara Says:

    Hi Nancy,

    The Russian Sage Shawl is knit not crochet. If you’ve knit lace before you should be ok, the pattern is both written and in chart form.

  3. Julie Says:

    Wow, looks so beautiful! Is there a way to make it slightly longer so it covers the arms more? I make shawls for my mom and she needs her arms covered because they feel cold (she has fibromyalgia). I assume this is a top down pattern like most shawls? If I do it in a higher number weight yarn would it work out so it’s longer? Or would that make it also do bulky?

  4. Sara Says:

    Hi Julie,

    Thanks for asking! This shawl isn’t an easy one to extend beyond what is written. You could certainly use a larger yarn and needle to achieve a longer and wider piece. Or you could try a shawl that is already written to be more of the length you’re looking for, like our Greenway Shawl, which you could knit in the Leyden for those same beautiful colors.

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