November 28th, 2014

Valley Yarns Pattern Feature – The Welcome Home Blanket

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A fresh and modern interpretation, the Welcome Home Blanket knits up quick with Valley Superwash Bulky to make a soft and machine washable heirloom in your favorite colors.

The Welcome Home Blanket pattern knit in Valley Yarns Valley Superwash Bulky - PDF download available at

Perfect for a warming up a new house, welcoming family back, or bringing new family members home, the Welcome Home Blanket can be knit in different sizes for any occasion. Cheery, unisex colors and the classic feather and fan stitch pattern just feel like home. (HINT: Newborns, graduations, consolations or house warmings)


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8 Responses to “Valley Yarns Pattern Feature – The Welcome Home Blanket”

  1. Jerri Larsen Says:

    I would just like to order the pattern for the Home Blanket. Is that not possibe?

    Can’t seem to get past being asked how much yarn I want. Please advise.


    Jerri Larsen

  2. Sara Says:

    Hi Jerri, thanks for asking! You can purchase the pattern here.

  3. Wilma Franz Says:

    I have spend several evenings on this pattern, and I end up with extra stitches after knitting row 4. After knitting YO 6 times, you add stitches. Where are these extra stitches ‘used up’? What am I doing wrong? Help.

    Wilma Franz

  4. Sara Says:

    Hi Wilma,

    Row 4 reads:
    Row 4: K1, *[k2tog] 3 times, [yo, k1] 6 times, [k2tog] 3 times; rep from * to last st, k1.

    So each repeat contains 6 increases ([yo, k1] 6 times) and 6 decreases ([k2tog] 3 times + [k2tog] 3 times). So each 18 stitch repeat should remain 18 sts.
    If you’re ending up with too many stitches at the end of the row, I recommend looking back through the row and ensuring you’ve made the correct number of increases and decreases throughout, perhaps even putting a stitch marker between each repeat.

    Hope this helps!

  5. Tina Dang Says:

    Hi Sara – I am having the same problem as Wilma. I have undone and redone the 4th row 4 times now so I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Please help 🙂


  6. Tina Dang Says:

    Never mind I figured it out. Thank you! 🙂


    I absolutely adore this “WELCOME HOME” BABY BLANKET.


    Is there a pattern for the “WELCOME HOME” BABY BLANKET available in crochet?
    Thank you!

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