February 27th, 2012

Valley Yarns Show and Tell: 454 Philomena Cardigan

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With our new collection of Valley Yarns patterns, we have a new set of Show and Tell pictures for you!

First up, we have 454 Philomena Cardigan. This is a redesign of a cardigan in a different yarn. Kirsten has added sizes and using Valley Yarns Colrain was a wonderful choice. It’s a beautiful yarn that’s soft with a slight sheen.

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We tried on the 36″ size.

Height: 5’0″
Bust: 38″
Waist: 30″
Hips: 38″

The lace detailing on this one is really nice. I’d make it a little longer so it sits more evenly on me. I’d make the sleeves longer too, maybe to half length. That would make this a little warmer and a lot more comfortable for me.

Height: 5’4¾”
Bust: 35½”
Waist: 29½”
Hips: 40″

I love this cute little cardigan. The only change I would make is to add another 1/2 inch of stockinette above the lace detail. This would add just the right amount of length for me.

Height: 5’4″
Bust: 39½
Waist: 32″
Hips: 43″

I would make this cardigan quite a bit longer and I would also make the next size up. Colrain is a great yarn and this cardigan was super comfortable.

Height: 5’2″
Bust: 40″
Waist: 33½”
Hips: 43″

I love this short sleeved cardigan. And the Colrain yarn creates a fabric with such nice drape!  I think it would look great with a long-sleeved tshirt that has a matching v-neck shape. It would be a good transitional season piece.  If I wanted to be able to comfortably button it, I would knit a size larger.

Height: 5’7 ½”
Bust: 36¾”
Waist: 34¾”
Hips: 38½”

I’ve always been a big fan of this cardigan and now that its made in Colrain (one of my favorite Valley Yarns), I like it even more. The slight drape and sheen of the yarn help to accentuate the beautiful lace pattern. I’d make the next size up and I’d definitely lengthen the sleeves as I’m a bit broad-shouldered and these sleeves look a little skimpy as a result. I’d probably also lengthen the body with another lace repeat.

Next week, we’ll look at another Valley Yarns project from the new catalog. Have you had a chance to check out the Spring catalog?

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7 Responses to “Valley Yarns Show and Tell: 454 Philomena Cardigan”

  1. Marjorie Says:

    Great little sweater.  Which color is it?  Some photos look more blue, some more green!

  2. Ann Says:

    It was great to see the fit on various sized women.  Love this little sweater!

  3. Dena Childs Says:

    It’s the Grey Teal color.

  4. Nora Madden Says:

     I agree!  Look forward to the next installment in this series.

  5. Sandy Says:

    Tell all of your models, “THANK YOU,” as it makes a big difference seeing the garments on real knitters.  

  6. Amy Says:

    It looks really nice.  Is there a lot of finishing involved with this pattern?

  7. Giselle Says:

    It’s so amazing to see a pattern on women of all shapes and sizes —because we come in so many shapes and sizes!

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