August 6th, 2012

Valley Yarns Show and Tell: 458 Stella Pullover

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This week, we’re showing off 458 Stella Pullover. This pullover is knit in Valley Yarns 2/14 Alpaca Silk and it creates a super light, super drapey, airy garment. This┬átop-down, seamless raglan sweater is adorned with simple lace eyelets. The loose gauge makes this a light and sheer layering favorite.

We tried on the 36″ size.

Nearly all of us would knit the sleeves a bit shorter on this pullover, but since it’s top-down that is an easy adjustment. This top was really quite comfortable and warm, but super light. It’s a great layering piece that isn’t too warm, and it’s quite versatile. There are also great color options in the 2/14 Alpaca Silk.

You can check out 458 Stella Pullover here.

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4 Responses to “Valley Yarns Show and Tell: 458 Stella Pullover”

  1. Connie Says:

    I knitted the garter stitch to begin with. Then I had trouble figuring how to establish the eyelet pattern on the Rnd 1 of the first pattern. On the first one so I just knitted across – no pattern. I followed the directions for Rnd 3, Then when I got to the Rnd 1again, I picked out the sequence of the pattern from previous Rnd 3. It looks okay, but the directions for that beginning Rnd could have been written to establish the pattern.

  2. Linda D Says:

    I am upset that I paid $3.99 to download this pattern. I had exactly the same problem as Connie. I am a very experienced knitter and I have ripped this piece out back to the garter stitch many times. Why does one knit 1/2 inch of garter st THEN begin knitting in the round having to sew up 1/2 inch (which it does not mention to do in the pattern). I have now knitted 6 rows of rounds 1-4 and I see that the Eyelet pattern needs to be followed in these rounds (which it does not mention to do in the pattern). I believe I will rip the entire thing out AGAIN and begin in the round by knitting the seed stitch for the 1/2 inch of “garter” st so as not to have a sewn up spot at the neckline. As stated below Round 1 needs to be rewritten to establish the Eyelet pattern.

  3. Linda D Says:

    I was contacted by the Designer and she mentioned: “The eyelet pattern as defined separately isn’t worked until you get to the lower
    body and sleeves. It’s slightly different from the yoke pattern, which can be
    difficult to tell from the picture.” That explains exactly the problem I had, the yoke pattern did not look correct to me and I was struggling with that. You cannot tell there is a difference unless you look really, really hard at the pattern after you are told it the yoke is different. It would be most helpful if that had been mentioned in the pattern directions.

  4. Tammy Witcosky Says:

    Where do you decrease in the sleeve in order to keep the eyelet pattern? Do I need to adjust the start of the patterning after the decrease to keep the eyelet symmetrical?


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