July 9th, 2012

Valley Yarns Show and Tell: 464 Bittersweet Pullover

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Thanks for coming back for another Valley Yarns Show and Tell!

Valley Yarns 464 Bittersweet Pullover is a long and lovely sweater knit in the round from the top down. Simple, elegant cables are worked into the round yoke. It is knit in Valley Yarns Sheffield.

We tried on the 36” size.

Almost all of us thought that this should be a lot shorter for our shapes. Katie suggested making it longer and wearing as a dress, or shorter to wear as a sweater. Ashley and Emma were big fans, but Emma would make the sleeves ¾. We all loved the cozy softness of the yarn.

Check out the pattern here.

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4 Responses to “Valley Yarns Show and Tell: 464 Bittersweet Pullover”

  1. Marcykbro Says:

    Funny I’d make it shorter mid hip and thought it looked best on Tina..

  2. Emeraldeyes1000 Says:

    I agree with the models, on those under 5’5″ it should either be a bit shorter or quite a bit longer.  Great pattern though!

  3. Janey Says:

    I started the pattern and stuck. It says work even in St st until yoke measures 8.5″. If working in the round it seems to me you would just knit each round, garter st. Am I missing something here?

  4. Jillneill Says:

    Thanks so much for showing us what the sweater looks like on a variety of bodies.  This is the NUMBER ONE most important thing in helping me decide if this individual pattern will look good on my body type!!  Please keep doing this!!!

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