March 22nd, 2011

Valley Yarns Show & Tell: Josephine Cardigan

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Here’s the next installment in our Valley Yarns Show & Tell #360 Josephine Cardigan. Knit in Valley Yarns Northampton Bulky, this cardigan with cable details on the back and sleeves will fly off of your needles.

We tried on the 36″ cardigan.

First up, we have Kirsten:

Height: 5’3″

Bust: 37″

Waist: 30″

Hips: 42″

Kirsten said: “I might try to find a way of picking up for the ribbing that didn’t leave so strong a crease”

Grace –

Height: 5’0″

Bust: 38″

Waist: 30″

Hips: 38″

Grace said: “The length is perfect and I love the open front. It is a great sweater to wear over a basic tank. I would need to make the sleeves a little smaller, but overall I liked it a lot.”

Dena –

Height: 5’4¾”

Bust: 35½”

Waist: 29½”

Hips: 40″

Dena said: “I instantly felt warmer when pulling on this sweater, but it didn’t feel right on. Maybe go down a size and make full-length sleeves?”

Mary –

Height: 5’4″

Bust: 41½”

Waist: 34½”

Hips: 44½”

Mary said: “I like the curve of this sweater in the front, but the bulky yarn combined with the cables down the sleeves made me feel like my arms looked a lot heavier. I love the color of this one though!”

Tina –

Height: 5’2″

Bust: 40″

Waist: 33½”

Hips: 43″

Tina said: “I am not someone who would normally wear a bulky yarn sweater, so even though I think this sweater is cute and cozy, it felt a too bulky on me.  After I tried this on, others added a shawl pin.  I think that is a nice addition.  I like the shape the curved fronts create.  I think this is a nice length for me and I love the cable down the back.”

Erin –

Height: 5’8″

Bust: 35″

Waist: 27″

Hips: 36½”

Erin said: “This didn’t really fit me: I’d knit the sleeves a few inches narrower–and I think they should either be full-length or about three inches shorter for me, and the back I’d make a few inches longer.”

Thanks for taking a look at the Josephine Cardigan. We’ll have another Show & Tell next week!

Happy Knitting!

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  1. Jdtbaum Says:

    I LOVE this feature of your Facebook presence! It’s a real treat to “pre-see” a sweater on varying body sizes and types. Well done!

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