October 4th, 2011

Valley Yarns Show & Tell:413 Square Bolero

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Hi Everyone,

This week’s show and tell we have an accessory. Valley Yarns #413 Square Bolero is a simple ribbed rectangle that is then seamed.

It is knit in Valley Yarns 2/14 Alpaca Silk Hand Dyed. Gail’s hand dyed colors are fabulous. You only need one skein for this project.

This bolero comes in one size.

Height: 5’3″
Bust: 37″
Waist: 30″
Hips: 42″

“I think the drapey, generous shape of this bolero flatters everyone who wears it. I’d probably wear this all spring and summer long if I had the chance.”

Height: 5’4¾”
Bust: 35½”
Waist: 29½”
Hips: 40″

“This garment felt a little awkward to wear. I’m used to wearing more fitted sweaters.”

Height: 5’7 ½”
Bust: 36¾”
Waist: 34¾”
Hips: 38½”

“This bolero is super lightweight but I’m sure the alpaca/silk yarn gives it some warmth. I can see myself wearing this on a cool spring day. It’s quite comfortable and I didn’t mind the alpaca yarn against my skin.”

Height: 5’4″
Bust: 39½
Waist: 32″
Hips: 43″

“I’m wasn’t super comfortable in this bolero and I think you can tell. I prefer fitted shrugs to something this loose, but I do love the color.”

Height: 5’0″
Bust: 38″
Waist: 30″
Hips: 38″

“This is a nice alternative to a shawl. The sleeves keep it in place and it gives just a little bit of warmth for those overly air conditioned rooms in the summer.”

Next week, we’ll have another Show and Tell from the fall collection!


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5 Responses to “Valley Yarns Show & Tell:413 Square Bolero”

  1. Imin2crochet2 Says:

    What a great shawl. KPG sent me over here from her blog and I’m glad she did. I have ordered yarn many times but I haven’t visited the blog site. What a great benefit of WEBS.

  2. CrochetBlogger Says:

    I think it’s terrific that you’ve shown how this is a shape and color that can truly work on almost anyone!

  3. Mimi Says:

    How great to see the same garment on several body types. That really helps to get a feel for the pattern.

  4. dana Says:

    Valley yarns 413 square bolero

    Can you please tell me where I can get this pattern?
    Thank you.

  5. Marykate Says:

    Hi Dana, here’s the link for the pattern:

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