February 14th, 2011

Visitors & Cuteness

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Hi Everyone

The past few days we’ve been fortunate to have some very special visitors at the shop.  The cuteness factor has been on high!

First, these two lovely ladies made a visit and charmed everyone:

blog021011 076

blog021011 071

They really put on a show:

blog021011 069

Friday brought the arrival of Yoshi:

blog021311 001

Yoshi is Melissa Morgan-Oakes’ new pup.  He’s a Shiba Inu and is 16 weeks old.  He’s not only handsome but he’s wicked smart.  I love this breed for many reasons but mainly because they have that big dog look and the self-esteem to go with it but in a mid-size dog body.  Our neighbors adopted a Shiba Inu pup last summer.  So when MMO was lamenting on email to me a few weeks ago about wanting a dog, but not necessarily a puppy, I sent her a link to a page FULL of Shiba Inus.

blog021311 006

Next thing I know she’s talking with breeders and making plans.  Then WHAM! Yoshi is here.

blog021311 010

He’s awesome and the best nephew-pup an Auntie could ask for.  He’s already overachieving in learning commands and is sure to graduate at the top of his class.  Look at how awesome he is:

blog021311 007

The only problem is we can’t let Freddie, the cat-in-residence know we are lovin’ us some Yoshi puppy.  Freddie will be less than pleased.

Lastly on the cuteness train is this:

blog021311 015

You have seen plenty of shots of J1 in his goalie gear but this my dear readers is not an old shot of J1.

blog021311 017

This is J2.  He’s played goalie a couple of times here and there and has really been pushing his coach to let him back in the net.  The coach agreed and is now in the proverbial dog house here at home.  I cannot handle watching two goalies – it’s just too much stress.  Unfortunately the other three members of this family don’t seem to understand.

I wonder what visitors next week will bring?


5 Responses to “Visitors & Cuteness”

  1. Pldx Says:

    I am very concerned. As someone who is allergic to dogs, having these kinds of visitors to the store may mean I cannot come to the drop-ins or even come to shop for very long in the store. I know that we love our pets, but I hope that this does not become a regular occurrence, as it used to be.

  2. Kathy Elkins Says:

    Our policy on dogs in drop-in and classes remains the same as it has for the past several months. We do allow dogs to visit in the store but if another customer is allergic or simply not comfortable with the dog just let the staff know and we’ll ask the dog owner to take the dog out of the store. We love our customers and their pets and want to make shopping at WEBS a great experience for everyone.

  3. Kirsten Says:

    Ah! So happy you got pictures of Yoshi. Totally in love with him – such a cutie!

  4. Amanda Says:

    Yoshi is adorable & I am happy that WEBS is dog friendly, although I won’t try bringing my Alaskan Malamute to drop-in — next thing you know he’ll be bald & everyone will be spinning that long fiber, LOL.

    I encourage all pet owners to adopt from shelters & rescues, NOT buy from breeders, and to spay & neuter. As a volunteer in Alaskan Malamute rescue, I get the daily shelter dog & cat kill lists in my email & every day it breaks my heart that I can’t save all of them.

  5. hoodlumknit Says:

    Two goalies!! That’s a lot of equipment! I used to think I’d like it if my kids were goalies. They don’t seem to get roughed up as much – but then, there is the whole pucks firing at your head issue. And did you see the fight between the Bruin’s goalie Tim Thomas and Hab’s goalie Kerry Price? I know you must have, since you all are big fans. So, I guess goalies even fight! Totally understand the stress.

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