May 19th, 2009

We Have Alpacas!

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Thanks to everyone who joined us this weekend for our 7th Annual Tent Sale and Fleece Market.  What a grand time we had!

Saturday was just a perfect day – partly sunny, warm, but not too warm.  As the Fleece Market vendors were arriving and setting up, Steve and I did our weekly radio show live!  Once we got on the air, it when smoothly, but our poor producer Jaz and AE Julia were a bit frazzled up until the very last second with a malfunctioning tent (which we didn’t need anyways) and one plug that wasn’t plugged.

The thrill (and fear) of a live broadcast is you never no what’s going to happen.  I mean, who could’ve predicted we’d see these beautiful alpacas literally hopping out of the back of a Suburban?

Before going on air, Jonathan informed me we had baby alpacas and asked me to walk over to visit them with him.  They were adorable:

Seriously adorable:

They made the sweetest baby alpaca sounds.  I just loved them:

Once the show was over, the parking lot was filling and the shoppers were completely disregarding our 10 am official start.  We love that about our customers – no fear!

That’s the last of the pictures I took for the day.  I didn’t move from my register at the tent except to run and inhale on piece of pizza.  I think it was around 1pm and I seriously could not navigate my way across the store to the kitchen.  It was that crazy.

Thanks to everyone for their patience in line and waiting for help and especially to our incredible staff.  They were absolutely amazing and we are truly grateful.

Our Anniversary Sale continues through next Monday, 5/25 (Memorial Day).  You won’t see savings and deals like the ones we’re offering for another year!

I know many, many posts were made on Ravelry, but if you were at the sale, I’d love to know how the day was for you!  If you blogged about it, be sure to share your link!

I also have some video of our live broadcast that I will be posting later – just need to see how good of a videographer the fabulous Miss Julia is!


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5 Responses to “We Have Alpacas!”

  1. Pat Morello Says:

    Looks like you had a terrific day. So nice. The alpacas are darling, I’ve toyed with the idea of getting some for a few years. These photos don’t make it any easier to be rational! Good luck with your sale and congrats on your anniversary.
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Finding

  2. melissaknits Says:

    I need an alpaca. or four. and a llama to guard them. also 6 black welsh mountain sheep. all go well with bees and fruit trees and wine carboys and baby chicks.

  3. Mary Says:

    I was at the sale and came home with lots and lots of wonderful yarn. I checked out twice, once after going through the yarn in the tent and a second time after going through the store and the warehouse. The second time I was in line almost an hour and enjoyed every minute of it! Strangers (if knitters are ever strangers to each other) chatted and laughed and compared treasures and discusssed projects and even exchanged names and emails addresses. The employees were fabulous! Even in all the crowds and confusion they were cheerful and very helpful. I can’t emphasis enough how amazing the staff is. I have ordered yarn from Webs for several years but this was my first trip to there as I live 2+ hours away but it won’t be my last.

  4. Michelle Says:

    I was just looking for info on this year’s sale and came across your post! Thought you’d like to read my blog from the 2009 sale. See all of you soon!!

  5. Michelle Says:

    I was just looking for info on this year’s sale and came across your post! Thought you’d like to read my blog from the 2009 sale. See all of you soon!!

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