July 10th, 2008

We Have Campers!

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And look. . . they’re dyeing:

This week we hosted our Summer Fiber Camp. What fun it has been! Our Counselor-in-Residence, Leslie Ann has once again put together a faboo program. We’ve had a full house of young ladies who all but one already know how to knit. Besides knitting and felting, today was dyeing day and tomorrow they will bring their dried skeins back in. Cannot wait to see them!
Just a couple of quick product updates. For those of you who own the Denise Interchangeable Set of Needles, we are now stocking their new Fabric-Sided Organizers:


These lightweight cases are lightweight and have enough space to store all of your extra needles. Additionally, there are two snap in pockets for storing all of your extra knitting necessities:

Since they can snap out, you can easily take on or both along with you! What makes these cases even better? They are “Made in the USA”. Love that!

You can see more pictures here. Be sure to come on back to http://www.yarn.com/ to place your order! The cases are only $55.00!

The other item I want to share with you isn’t going to be on the site until tomorrow (I’ll add the link, promise!) but I just couldn’t wait to post these:

This is Happy Choices, a new product from Plymouth Yarn Company. These are 90% Superwash Merino/10% Nylon Sock Flats. Unravel as you knit and you’ll end up with an amazing pair of hand-dyed socks! Want to create your own? No problem, we have the blanks as well! Each flat has 384 yards and has a recommended gauge of 8 sts = 1″ on #1 needles. The dyed flats retail for $23.99 and are discountable, while the blank flats are $17.99. These are only 3 of the 8 colorways available. Link will be live tomorrow morning (Note: Link is live)!

Still practicing with my new camera (I will have to breakdown and peruse the directions eventually). Here’s a shot of Steve doing what he loves to do most of all:

Ringing up a customer who had filled one of our big shopping carts with big cones! The picture is a bit dark – need to figure that out.

As for me, I was relegated to “signing” duty:

These are the letters for July’s One Skein Contest and Club packets. Although there are a lot, I feel obligated to hand-sign each one. I tried going to just the letter “K” a few months ago, but that just seemed weird. I’ve gone through part of the stack and off to do the rest as soon as I am done with this post. I really can’t complain. I get sit out here:

It’s gorgeous here today and I get to sit out on the deck and enjoy. Even those non-lizards in the area can’t complain today.


3 Responses to “We Have Campers!”

  1. melissaknits Says:

    Today was so so so beautiful I just soaked it in. Lovely. They say we’re heading back to lizard world Sunday. I’ll enjoy this while I can.

    I bought some Silk Garden Sock. Yum.

  2. Deb Says:

    So I will expose my ignorance — what exactly are sock flats?

  3. Kathy Says:

    Hi Deb – Thanks for being the brave one to point out that I didn’t do a very good job of explaining these!

    Sock Flats are pre-knit strips, done in natural yarn and then hand-dyed. To knit with them, you cast on and unravel as you go. You can buy them already dyed or get them in natural and dye them yourself. Depending on how you apply the dye (in stripes, waves, circles, etc) the resulting pattern will be different. One strip will make a pair of socks.

    They are rather a novel concept and I think it’s one of those products folks will love or not so much.

    For the record, Plymouth is not the originator of this idea (or at least not first to market). A small company called Conjoined Creations has a similar product that has been on the market for several months under the “Flat Feet” name. We carry those in the store but not on the website.

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