May 10th, 2011

We Love Fibre Company!

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Employees at WEBS have long been enamored with Fibre company. Courtney Kelley and Kate Gagnon Osborn are fabulous at what they do, as yarn company owners and as independent designers. I’ve been known to gasp when I see a new design emerge from them, so I was beside myself when their new book Vintage Modern Knits came in.

We’ve been scheming to decide the best garments to knit for the store and who gets to touch the pretty yarn while doing it and which colors. So much pressure! To make things easier we requested a trunk show and they shipped it out to us immediately! So, if you are local get your tuchas over here and touch the pretty garments, because we have them alllll! I still have yet to paw through the whole box, because there is a great deal in there and I had to whip up a little something to let you know it was here!

Karen, our store manager, has found her favorite in the pile: the green Brigid Jacket in Terra; a short, versatile jacket in iridescent olive leaf, with large wooden button accents. It’s all the things you could want in a sweater: a nice basic shape, in a yarn that lends textural interest, with cable panels that infuse personality onto the garment. (Karen pictured on the left, Marion on the right).

There are also tons of accessories. The one we made for the store is the Bramble Beret in Canopy Worsted. It takes two skeins to make this rich beret and the yarn is a joy to touch. Bobbles may be a trying, if rewarding, technique but the yarn made it all worth it! (Store hat pictured in obsidian).

Another project we’ve been planning for the store is the Cady twisted-stitch mittens in Canopy Fingering. Not only is it the namesake of our assistant store manager Leslie Ann’s daughter, but an elegant knitted accessory. With two skeins you can make a functional and fashionable winter staple. I just love the tiny button accents!

Like those before me I’ve been tempted by the Road to China Light. It’s just not fair how nice this yarn is, I have to have it! And this book provides the ideal project for this in-between weather: the Margarethe Lace Shawl. (Oh lets be honest I’ll wear this even when its hot, there’s always an over-airconditioned room somewhere). This shawl will be a shotgun cast-on for at least a few of us this week, and we may even get a store project out of the debacle. This must-have takes 5-7 skeins, depending on size. (Greta pictured on left, Cara on right).

The trunk show will be featured in the store until Friday, May 20th. Make it a priority to stop by the store and see these lovely pieces before their gone!!

Happy Knitting!




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  1. lynn Converse Says:

    I love these patterns. Now the little buttons remind me of the buttons on the back of Pippa’s dress at the royal wedding!

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