September 8th, 2009

WEBS Fall 2009 Catalog

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Our Fall Catalog started mailing last week.  The launch of a new catalog is always an exciting time for us. 


If yours hasn’t arrived yet, don’t worry, it’s working it’s way through the mail stream to you. In the meantime, let’s look at a few of the highlights, shall we?

The stunning cover image is courtesy of our dear friends at Berroco.  The Nuss Cardigan from booklet #288 Blackstone Tweed is a garment we’ve talked about previously.  Knit in Berroco’s new Blackstone Tweed, Nuss has an interesting construction and nice fit.

One of my favorites that I insisted be in the catalog is Potter from Norah Gaughan Vol. 5


Knit in Berroco Pure Merino, I fell in love with this jacket the moment I saw pictures of it last spring.  I’m not a huge yellow fan, although I’ve been told I can pull off the color, but there is something about this jacket, yellow or otherwise that really speaks to me. 

Another design that I’ve reference previously here on the blog and on our podcast is the Riding Jacket from The Big Easy booklet knit in Donegal Luxury Tweed Chunky from Debbie Bliss

The simplicity of the silhouette immediately grabbed my attention – you know I love classic styles that look like you put a ton of work into them but in the end weren’t so difficult. 

The Lace & Bobble Cardigan from Classic Elite Booklet #9102 – Weekend – didn’t really impress me until Betsy came to the shop to give the store staff an overview of new fall yarns & designs. 

It looked great on everyone that tried it on and it’s knit in Classic Elite’s new yarn Chesapeake.

When Diane & Stacy from Tahki/Stacy Charles came to visit, they both knew I’d be head over heels for this next garment.


Score a point for them.  I love Eileen from the S. Charles Collezione Modern Living booklet – simple, clean lines, feminine.   Knit in Tivoli, a new yarn from the sophisticated S. Charles Collezione, the design and the yarn are both homeruns in my knitting book.

One quick yarn shout-out to  Centolavaggi (prononounced Chento-la-va-ggi) which could also be known as Zara laceweight.  Diane & Stacy had a random skein of this with them many, many months ago and asked what we thought of it.  At 1531 yards of gorgeous Italian Extra Fine Merino that is superwash no less and priced at only $19.95 I asked them how soon we could have it.  Had to wait a little longer than we would have liked, but it’s here now!

There is a never ending parade of new sock yarns coming into WEBS that it’s almost hard to keep track of them all.  One fun addition for fall is Flusi 4-Ply Color from Regia.  Flusi has a fun little story that is actually supported by a story book

The balls are 50 grams so two are needed for a pair of socks.  The colors are bright and whimsical, just like Flusi himself.  I love a good story and good marketing always catches my attention.

On the Valley Yarns front, I posted several weeks ago about our fall shoot which was held at Pioneer Valley Vineyards.  The pictures in the catalog are just stunning.  Here are a few of our own highlights.

First up, is our NEW Northampton Bulky, knit up in Zephyr Style pattern Juliet.  This was the perfect choice for this yarn. 

Again, this is one of those great designs that just looks great on everyone and that’s saying something for a garment that has a gauge of 3 stitches/inch.

We’re also excited to debut our new Valley Superwash DK.  Twenty hardworking colors are presented in this 5.5 stitches/inch sister to our worsted weight Valley Superwash.  We have lots of design ideas for this yarn, as I’m sure do as well!  For a quick project (or early holiday gift) Mary in Marketing whipped up these adorable amigurumi critters from teh book Super-Cute Crochet by Nicki Trench.

The Hawthorne Textured Cardi has been a favorite of mine since I saw the finished design. 

Knit using our gorgeous tweed Valley Yarns Williamstown, this cardi has a bit more attitude and although tweeds can often be seen in more casual looks, Williamstown simply shines.

Our wildly popular Gallery Jacket was reknit in our rich brown and now has a completely new look! 

Valley Yarns Sheffield was used in both the original design and this remake, but the change of color is really stunning.  It’s shiney and new all over again!

My last favorite is the Point & Line Cardigan

Knit in our 100% merino Amherst, this cardigan is the perfect fall wardrobe addition.  It’s functional in that it will keep you toasty, but has a nice feminine look.

We have one other new product for the fall.  It is so big and we’re so excited that it deserves it’s own blog post.  So, until tomorrow!


11 Responses to “WEBS Fall 2009 Catalog”

  1. Cirilia Says:

    Thank you so much for continuing to support my design work! It thrills me to no end to see my work in the Webs catalog. Just wanted to make sure that you knew that Potter, the yellow sweater you love, is a total JOY to wear and it even looks good upside down!! You can see it worn upside down as a shrug/cropped cardigan in this video from TNNA:

  2. Linsay Cocker Says:

    I love love love the yellow sweater, maybe if I start it now it will be done by the time I lose 30 lbs!

  3. marciepooh Says:

    I love that riding jacket. One of these days I’ll work up the courage to try something that big and that much construction (sleeves, omg). (Knit Purl Gurl sent me.)

  4. Ginny Says:

    KnitPurlGurl sent me over, and I have to say I’m glad she did! I hadn’t seen the blog before. I *love* the yellow sweater, and I think that the story book for the yarn looks cute, and is very intriguing!

  5. Cheryl Says:

    KnitPurlGurl sent me over and wow, I love so much of this stuff that I saw in this entry. The patterns, the storybook, ooo the storybook, lol.

  6. ikkinlala Says:

    I love the Hawthorne Textured Cardi – maybe someday I will start knitting sweaters.

    (Knit Purl Gurl sent me here.)

  7. Beatrice Says:

    Knit Purl Gurl sent me! I love the preview of the fall catalog. I thought the Flusi book was really cute! Way to get the next generation interested in yarn & knitting.

  8. Maureen Says:

    I love the sweater that is in the Amherst.
    I was thrilled to see you guys at the Stitches Midwest.

  9. Caroline Says:

    I love that Flusi book, what a great way to get kids interested in knitting.

  10. Lowryder 2 Says:

    Great selection of items here. The octopus is rather special. Great work!

    All the best for 2010

  11. food hampers Says:

    Some really pretty styles here. I prefer the simple, clean lines in sweaters that have a natural feminine look to them.

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