November 12th, 2012

WEBS Handmade Holidays Pinterest Contest

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We’re all working on our holiday craft projects here at WEBS and even created a video to show how we’re handling our handmade holidays.

Pinterest is a great place to find ideas for holiday projects and keep track of them. We’re always pinning interesting ideas, and we want to share the fun with you. Check out our WEBS Handmade Holidays Pinterest Contest and create your own board with all the items you find in our Handmade Holidays video and share the link to your board in the comments below.

One lucky winner will receive a $50 WEBS Gift Card! Deadline for entries isĀ 8:00 am EST on Monday, November 26th.

Check out the video now and start pinning!

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Marketing Manager at WEBS - America's Yarn Store
Mary has worked at WEBS since 2005. She has been knitting since 2000 and also knows how to crochet, spin, and use a rigid heddle loom.
Her favorite color: bright pink
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  • Valerie Baxter-Vincent
  • Meredith
  • peachknits
  • Karen M.
  • vdeliz
  • Audrey Romano

    I see that the winner is announced on the 26th… but when is the deadline to post the Pinterest board? Thanks!

  • WEBS Yarn Store

    Good question. Let’s say by 8:00 am EST on the 26th is the deadline.

  • Michelle Schwerdt Foulis
  • Amanda

    Here’s mine! :) I might add a few more items to it later, but this is what I have for now.
    Hope I win!

  • Geckoknits
  • Gabrielle
  • Karen M.

    I think its pretty lame when people repin ALL your pins to enter the contest.

  • Jen
  • Michelle Maher
  • Debbie
  • Susan Bridges
  • Kuelu

    Not Fair! Not all of us want to be on social media. We prefer our privacy. Please offer an alternative entry!

  • Susanc

    very cool. If only!

  • meli9er

    I didn’t find all 50+, but I get some really good ideas for gifts (both for others and myself)!

  • Rachelle

    I agree, no FB,MS,Twtr,Pntrst, no contest, not fair.

  • crochetmom

    I’m a loyal customer of WEBS and an avid crocheter, though not on social media. Where’s the contest for $50 gift card I can enter?

  • ritainalaska

    sigh … i do not pin or tweet-i’m barely able to manage facebook for the grankids. y’all have fun.

  • Melissa

    When the contest is over, will you list all the items? I found more than 20, but nothing like 50!

  • Shahanaz

    I also agree. Not a blogger, or user of social networking site….guess we all can’t be satisfied :(

  • Ginny

    Sorry, I don’t pin. I’m on facebook, and that is enough social media for me.

  • mimi

    Seriously? It’s your choice to not use social media — it’s not anyone else’s responsibility to give you free stuff at your own convenience.

  • meredith
  • Tia S.
  • Sarah R

    Not being a Facebooker, or a Pinner, or a Tweeter…I do wish there would be contests that weren’t tied to the social media sites that many of us have valid reasons for not participating in. It’s not just Webs…more and more places have these sorts of contests. And while Mimi is right that it’s a personal choice to use or not use such sites, it’s also a personal choice as to where I spend my yarn money.

  • crochetmom

    It’s WEBS choice to either treat all their customers fairly or not!

  • Jaime Louise Binkley
  • Mark in Cincinnati

    Most people DON’T use social media. This contest is only geared to them. To bad, I guess the MOST will have to shop at Halcyon.

  • The Master Planner

    Count me as another customer who chooses not to participate in social media like facebook or pinterest, but I recognize I give up some things in return for keeping my privacy.

    Good luck to all the entrants!

  • Gail Goodhand

    I’m afraid that I’m also one of the many that don’t do any social media other than Facebook. I do wish you had an alternate way to enter. However I’m not going to resort to bullying to try and gain a way to do so. I realize that it is your company’s right to decide how it wants to run its contest. I will hope that in the future you will try and see if you can come up with another way for me (and others, of course) to enter.

  • Kim S.
  • John’s old lady

    Another contest I can’t enter. Remember when not everyone had a computer? Oh, wait, not everyone does! I, too am a little tired of these social media driven contests.

  • Rachel
  • Rachel

    The point of the contest is to get Webs out onto Pinterest and use the site as an additional vehicle to get customers excited about Webs products and projects, Its a brilliant marketing plan to expand buzz about Webs and I’m sure it is not meant to slight or exclude anyone.

  • Amy

    Here – I’ll leave a constructive suggestion for an alternate contest. I’m sure there are local knitting charity drives for hats, scarves, mittens, etc. What about another $50 gift card and people can get one “entry” for each item they donate to charity. Entrants get a non-social media way to enter a contest and an opportunity to do something nice for someone in need. Webs gets to be a hub for donations. Win-win?

  • joanne

    I don’t have any idea of how to do that. Sorry

  • Mama Lemon

    Well, I tried to find as many as I could, without cheating and just repinning from the other boards! :)

  • mrsmousefan

    WOW!!!! I guess I just did not realize how Many other people feel the Exact Same way that I do about so-called “social media”, and I happen to agree with at least 98% of what was written here, great about Webs merchandising but not so great about those of us who choose not to be a part of the technology, but still give the good old fashioned word of mouth and our hard earned money to Webs yarns, somehow seems to be one sided contest wise. . .

  • Leigh Cole Elliott

    What a fun idea! Great way to promote WEBS for the holidays!

    Here is my board

  • Sherry Alkire Thompson

    Fun way to spend a morning. Thanks for the chance!

  • threadbee

    It is hard to find everything, I found what I could, and found lots more. Lovely idea.

  • Carol

    I’m another non-social media person, but I can’t fault WEBS for choosing whatever marketing methods work best for them. WEBS provides me great products at outstanding prices with equally good service. If you do create a more “old-fashioned” contest, I’m in! Otherwise I’m happy to shop at WEBS whenever I get the chance.

  • Josephine
  • Margo

    I didn’t find everything, here is what I found

  • Winton B.

    I can’t believe I spent so much time searching the web site and playing the video in slow motion! Argh! Now must go finish knitting projects…

  • Diana

    Thank You for offering something fun. I miss shopping in person at WEBS and this helps me stay connected. Happy and Peaceful Holidays to all!