February 2nd, 2016

WEBS loves our customers!

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We’d like to express our gratitude and appreciation for you this Valentine’s Day and offer you a chance to win a fantastic gift basket!

Take the WEBS mini-survey to be entered to win this project basket, now through 11:59pm EST Feb. 14, 2016. Read more, and find the link to the survey, on the WEBS Blog at blog.yarn.com

Take a few minutes to fill out our mini-survey and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a full kit for the Noro Heart Blanket, everything you need to complete the project plus a little more! This kit includes the pattern, 3 colors of Noro Kureyon, needles, a custom Yankee Candle, chocolates and a sturdy project basket.

The survey will be open through February 14th, 2016 at 11:59pm EST, each person can enter once. Just 4 quick questions and this kit could be yours!


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47 Responses to “WEBS loves our customers!”

  1. Ann Matson Says:

    As a young woman I was everything crochet. In my senior years I have turned to knitting. I can’t explain my change-over. I most often knit socks although I do devote time to “give-away” knitting, winter hats mostly. And I do enjoy knitting baby sweaters and hats and keep several completed sets on hand for baby gifts or when friends ask me if I have a set they could have for a special friend, grand or great-grand child. Self-striping or patterned yarn is a special delight. I love how the appearance on the skein does not always predict how the yarn will knit up. Life’s a mystery – and yarn can be too.

  2. Nancy Elledge Says:

    I love knitting with NORO and would love to win
    the basket. I am a singer/teacher and have
    become to addicted to knitting at age 69.


  3. Sue Says:

    I love WEBS on line shopping and have placed a few orders over the years. I would love to win this prize package, but no where on here does it say U.S. only and I am in Canada. I put my info in there anyway, but I am wondering if it’s the states only. I would be disappointed if it’s not Canada too. 🙂

  4. Judy Hains Says:

    As a young girl I started knitting. I even knitted a poncho for an entry in 4-H club(got a blue ribbon).
    I have continued to knit throughout my life and love it so much. My husband thinks I love it more than him. Not so. As I have gotten older I have added several techniques to my gift. Winning this basket would be so wonderful. I just love all the Webs yarns and patterns. Thanks for being so gracious and offering these items.

  5. Dawn Says:

    I would be thrilled to win this prize basket of Noro yarns. I learned to knit from my grandma (Nanny) when I was a young child. I’m sure there were times when Nanny believed I would never finish anything I started. She helped finish most things. I was so proud of myself, when at twelve, I finished a sweater with a rather complicated cable pattern up the centre front. That was 49 years ago and I am still a knitter. And since I discovered Noro, it is my favourite yarn to use for sweaters, hats and scarves.

  6. Judy hall Says:

    I’ve been a knitter for 40 years but with acrylics only. With all the new yarns I have started branching out and trying to learn about what is NOT at the local Hobby shop.
    So far I am in love with all I see and receive
    Most of my work goes to auctions for various charities especially Paws With A Cause as I have one of their service dogs

  7. Sandy Says:

    I started knotting when I was in the sixth grade. I went to a Catholic school and our teacher taught me to knit leper bandages for those afflicted with that horrible disease. That was 54 years ago and I’ve never put the needles down for very long. Love knitting for others and teaching others the craft. It goes without saying that I would love the Noro basket! Thanks so much for your generous offer!

  8. Lily Says:

    My Mom taught me how to knit. I made a teapot cozy when I was 8 years old! Enjoyed it so much that I went on to knitting clothes for my Barbie doll. These days, I am a grandma and am absolutely addicted to knitting and have to always have project going. I would absolutely love to win a Noro Yarn and Yankee Candle basket. I have drooled over Noro Yarn for a while now and would be ecstatic to win this basket! What a thoughtful and beautiful gift to share with your customers!

  9. Arlene Says:

    I love to crochet and am teaching myself to knit. So far just scarves and cowls. Love the Noro Motif Tunic (crochet) and the Mobius Cowl. Would love to win the gift basket as the Noro Heart Blanket is beautiful. Thank you!

  10. francie tucker Says:

    My sister in law was my inspiration and taught me to knit about 15 years ago and the rest is history! I found Noro yarns about 5 years ago and have been in love with it ever since. I would love to win this Noro basket of yarns to continue to feed my addiction.

  11. Peggy Harper Says:

    I learned to crochet Barbie doll clothes from a family friend in Germany when I was in 3rd grade. When I was in 6th grade, my grandmother talked me through the Pineapple Doily pattern. When I was 18, I worked my way through her crochet book to teach myself the ripple afghan and later another close friend taught me to knit. My first project was a zip up the back, hooded sweater for our first child, but I’m still a novice knitter 30 years later.

  12. Sandra Isom Says:

    I knit, crochet and weave although, I sold my large loom many years ago.My projects are small and simple but each new project brings a learning curve. I’m currently knitting a vest. I purchased the pattern and the yarn from WEBS. I have never seen a higher quality yarn and selection than I have at WEBS. I’m thrilled to have found this website.

  13. Cathy Lyden Says:

    I grew up in New Zealand, and learnt to knit from my mother. I remember beautiful yarns but not the colours that I now see from manufacturers such as Noro, Malabrigio and Madelinetosh. I have returned to knitting, and am enjoying knitting shawls they are quick and (mostly) easy and great gifts for birthdays or just to remind someone that you care. I am now branching out (back?) to knitting sweaters and bigger items. It is such a joy to see unfolding colour in a simple sweater or shawl. I am so thrilled to have discovered Webs, almost addicted Cathy.

  14. Ginny Helgerman Says:

    This is such a wonderful gift promotion. I have been knitting since the age of 8, when my Mother taught me. She is no longer here and I continue to carry on her tradition. I knit 6 sweaters as gifts this past Christmas and I knit baby sweaters to gift…have about 15 in reserve now. I would love to win this basket as I cannot afford to buy good quality yarns as am on a fixed income. Thank you.

  15. Nan Claypool Says:

    I love the new Mykonos, and the easy going patterns that go with it. Living in South TX, we have no need for heavy outerwear, but love these cool things to wear in our heat!

  16. Sue Goecker Says:

    Like to make infinity scarves, cowls and shrugs. Also little animals like hedgehog pin cushions for my quilting friends.. Really like the way the yarn makes its own pattern with many colors..

  17. JannyB Says:

    thanks for the give away..like to knit cowls , shawls, throws. I am a nurse & I started knitting when I learned to make new born hats when I worked Labor & Delivery 20 yrs ago….

  18. Suzanne Says:

    I learned to knit in grade school. I knit through high school, but got away from it during college years. (Too busy to knit?! Crazy!). I got back into it about 12 years ago and have been knitting ever since. I’m close to being done with a beautiful Noro cable scarf. I would love to win this basket!

  19. Erin Kane Says:

    I learned to knit at an after school knitting class at Junior Achievement in Holyoke when I was 9 years old, and have pretty much kept it up since then. I like to knit sweaters, especially Irish Knit ones. Although the past 6 years or so, I have steadily been knitting American Girl Doll Clothes, and I really enjoy it! It’s so interesting to see the miniature version of a sweater that you may have one like it yourself! I’ve built up a good size pattern collection over the years, of many different articles of clothes for the dolls, always trying to keep things fresh and new.
    Thank you for this opportunity to enter this contest! I don’t get to knit with Noro yarns that often, but I would love to check out the project you are giving away!

  20. Faye Eddy Says:

    I would love to win your basket of goodies, but I’m not sure if it’s open to Australian residents, if not you still have my survey result.
    I really like your website, so many gorgeous yarns and accessories, a lot of which are not available here. In saying that we also have some beautiful local brands but it’s so nice to see other choices. I have purchased from you previously but our dollar is really gruesome at the moment, when things pick up I have my eye on a few bits that need to be in my stash. Cheers, Faye from Oz.

  21. Debby Hoskins Says:

    I started knitting about 7 years ago – and love it! One of my first year projects was to make my granddaughter a pair of leg warmers out of Noro silk garden sock yarn – I always have a ball or two of it in my stash of some Noro type for a special project. Would love to win the gift basket! Deb

  22. Avalyn Bear Says:

    Have been knitting & crocheting more than 50 yrs. Have been knitting Chemo hats with a group of about 35 ladies for the past 9yrs. We have donated over 15000 hats to our local hospitals, plus special women stories where the need is so great. Also keep busy with knitting fingerless mitts, scarfs, afghans & many more gifts for family & friends. Can always use beautiful yarn. A basket full would be put to good use. Avalyn

  23. Kathy Lilley Says:

    I will be seventy in a couple of months and been knitting since I am a young girl. My mother taught me knit and purl so I could knit bedroom slippers for a nursing home, later on I even knitted a dress that I wore for years. But now having grandchildren and over the years I leaved more about the fiber of yarn, as my husband puts it when we are in a yarn shop it is a tough and feely thing and it is. It would be so wonderful to win this basket or yarn and goodies.

  24. Merry Kurtz Says:

    My passion is knitting hats and scarves for homeless veterans. I always have a few things going at once. Most of my holiday gift are handmade too. WEBS makes it so easy to order and send the latest fibers. I would love to win this basket for Valentines Day.

  25. Donna Pence Says:

    I have been knitting for nearly 50 yrs. My first project was a three-piece baby set for winter. Now that I am a grandma I tried beautiful noro yarn and made a small bear for a grandchild. It was super cute, even though I sewed the head on backwards! My latest passion is lacy infinity scarves. The basket you are offering sounds delightful. Thanks.

  26. phyllis mills Says:

    I learned to knit at age 20. I worked as an aide in a hospital and one of the patients knitted. She showed me the basic stitches so i went home and got 2 pencils and twine and practiced, Later I bought a pair of needles and yarn. I loved knitting.After a couple years and a divorce, i became a single parent of 2 children. I made a lot of sweaters and dresses. I am 69 now and am knitting for great grandchildren and other family members. I also do a lot of charity knitting. I love to knit,
    i would love to win your basket of noro yarn . thank you for your generous offer.

  27. Rebecca Willoughby Says:

    This is a wonderful opportunity! I have been able to crochet forever but never could learn how to knit! But WEBS really inspired me to try again, and being able to purchase everything I needed quickly online, a few years ago I finally learned to knit. Thanks for all of the great support and inspiration!

  28. Sandy Potvin Says:

    With the birth of my grandchildren I finally learned to knit about five years ago. I had tried in my early twenties but it just didn’t click. Now there’s no stopping me, I find it so relaxing. No matter how difficult the pattern is, knitting seems to rejuvenate me. I really appreciate you and your great customer service. This basket is so generous and I would live to win it. Keep up the great business you have that supplies all us yarn addicts with great products.

  29. Sue Ellen DeCesare Says:

    I started knitting when I was in high school but then would drop it. Not until I had grandchildren that I am always knitting now. Love your store and everytime that I have been there everyone is so helpful. I just read that knitting is also very good for relaxing and keeps the brain active. What could be better.

  30. Norma Says:

    I completed the survey, but realized afterward that I should have mentioned how much I like your own line of yarns – Valley Yarns. Great value for the money and lovely to work with!

  31. Crystal Scott Says:

    I also love the Valley Yarns. I’ve started doing some colorwork with the Palette yarns, and they are just beautiful! The natural superwash sock yarn gave me an opportunity to learn dyeing, which was a blast!

  32. Trish Says:

    I was taught to knit by my mother when I was small. She was not a very patient teacher so I made mistakes and didn’t know how to fix them until I was much older.
    My mother still knits at almost 89. I learned to spin about 30 years ago, and love knitting with commercial and handspun yarns.

  33. Rita Barnes Says:

    I began knitting as a young girl. I love all the new colors and difference now in the yarns, that were not available in the 60s. I love knitting shawls and hats for winter as well as sweaters from Noro and madelintosh. I also love the circular needles that are now available.I tjhank god that I’m still able to knit as I broke my wrist three years ago, but patience and perserverence has paid off.

  34. Bernadine Says:

    Starting a new groip kinitting shawls, hats, etc for local nursing home. This prize would be perfect to present to the group for our kick off!

  35. Nora Says:

    I just finished a bridecent shawl in crochet not sure what yarn I used done in blues

  36. Jeanne Mason Says:

    I have been knitting off and on, mostly on, since my grandmother taught me when I was a young girl. My most recent project is an almost completed afghan, and have a vest on the needles for when the afghan is finished. Knitting gives me such pleasure, and I always love the finished projects. Have a new baby arriving in a friend’s family soon who will require a hand made gift.

  37. Liz Bates Says:

    I am loving knitting cowls now, with Boku. And making fingerless mitts and mittens with wool!
    Thank you,
    Liz B.

  38. Carole Wilson Says:

    I love making hats especially and the multi-colored ones!
    I also makes scarves, cowls, and blankets. Since being handicapped in 2010, I knit most of the time. I like WEBS because they have so many brands and colors. Visiting their website is better than chocolate for me!

  39. Cooky Capiaux Says:

    I have been enjoying Webs emails for quiet a while now and I always look forward to the catalogue. The Stitches West is almost here and I intend to visit the Webs booths on one of the weekend days. I knit for a non profit organization and they always look forward to my hats,scarves, shawls etc every year. And I love it that they love it !!!!!

  40. Debbie Says:

    Right now I am working on a project that only I know about. It involves knitting cold weather gear. Hats mittens scarfs etc. Once I have met my goal they all will be donated to a place in Minneapolis. Who needs cold weather gear more than Minneapolis ?

  41. Jo Ann Meyer Says:

    I bought many ” learn to knit” books until I figured it out. I taught my mother how to knit. Didn’t realize how much patience I had until then. Like me she caught on. Like daughter, like mother. Would like to win the basket to get acquainted with the yarn.

  42. Diane Says:

    I have beenKniting for a few years. what I just finished was fingerless gloves. Now to work on a hat, and maybe finish a pair of socks that has been in the making for awhile. My first project was a Noro Shawl.(Love it). WEBS is the best place for all my fiber shopping! I was just there on Super Bowl Sunday with 15 of my Friends. Always a great shopping trip! Now where to put it all. Lol

  43. Deb Jankowski Says:

    I have been knitting for over 55 years. My mom taught me to knit, my “Nana” taught me to crochet. Mom was a beautiful knitter with icolor and design. My Nana was mostly a thread crocheter, who made beautiful hankies, doilies, bedspreads, pillow cases. I have always been a rather plain knitter, making utilitarian things: hats, mittens, vest sweaters, cardigans. These last few years I have become a mentor of sorts to a group of gals at work who were interested in learning to knit, and I tell you, The more questions I get asked, the more problems I get asked to solve, the more I LEARN! I have really branched out and attempted more intricate patterns because I have been challenged! I would LOVE to win the basket. Pick me! PICK ME! Thank you!

  44. Adriana Says:

    I love Noro. I also love all the new colors and kinds of yarn they come out with, from lace to Roving yarns. I have been knitting for 33 years, and have no intentions of stopping. Yay yarn.

  45. Nichole Says:

    I completed the survey. Would love to win!

  46. Cindy G Says:

    I love Webs for their fast and pleasant customer service. Their products are excellent! I only wish I could afford to shop more often. I learned to crochet as a child, and taught myself to knit after my first child was born and I found an object I wanted to knit for her. I’ve taught many, many people to knit and crochet so they can enjoy this pleasant and productive pastime.

  47. Rachel Says:

    My favorite project has to be the octopus I knitted for my boyfriend. It’s camouflage because octopi naturally camouflage into their surroundings. Making it taught me a lot about shaping, as I learned how to do short rows. My boyfriend loves his octopus.

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