June 18th, 2015

WEBS Mystery Blanket KAL and CAL- Joining and Edging

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It’s FINALLY time to put everything together!

If you’ve been keeping up then you’ll have 36 finished squares, 4 squares in each of 9 colors. If you’re setting a slower pace for yourself or joined us in mid MKAL/MCAL NO problem, the patterns will remain free and at these links! If you’re just joining in you can find all the square patterns here(MKAL), or here(MCAL)

You may want to take some time and lay all your squares out in a couple different configurations to see which one really clicks for you. Here we have 3 different options for you but they’re not the ONLY ones! Play with the texture and color layout for a day or two before you decide to make sure you’re really happy with it. You’ll note that the last option we show has only 35 squares – you can use that extra one as an accent pillow.

Finishing the WEBS MKAL/MCAL blankets, layout options and more on the WEBS Blog - blog.yarn.com

Knitters: We’re offering you two option for both the joining and the edging! For both joining options you’ll need to start by picking up stitches, you then have the option of a three needle bind-off or an I-cord join. Once all your squares are together you can add a tidy attached I-cord edge or be little more fancy and add the Fan lace edge. We’re showing the Fan lace with each row worked in one color from your blanket.

Picking up stitches


Three Needle Bind-Off

I-Cord Join


Attached I-Cord

Fan Lace Edge – no video for this one as there’s no new techniques, just a combination of one’s you already know!

Fan Lace edge option for the WEBS MKAL blanket, more on the WEBS Blog - blog.yarn.com

Don’t forget, we have a playlist for the Knit-A-Long blanket on Youtube to make it all easier (Please note that our techniques videos are NOT the patterns! These videos are here to help you understand the featured techniques, but you’ll need to refer to your pattern for specifics.) All the squares and join/edge pattern instructions can be found here.

Crocheters: You also have two option for both joining and edging your blanket! As with the knitters options, having a nice clean edge to work on before you start your joins really helps to bring the blanket together, so you’ll want to add a row of single crochet to each square edge before you begin your joins. Joining single crochet is a skill you got to practice earlier in the blanket, as well as a more open lattice double crochet join. For edging you can choose rounds of single crochet or a neat looped chain edge, both are shown with a row worked in each color of your blanket.

Adding a single crochet edge


Joining Single Crochet – this one will be familiar from your Tunisian square from March.

Lattice Double Crochet


Single Crochet

Single Crochet edge option for the WEBS MCAL Blanket, more on the WEBS Blog - blog.yarn.com

Looped Chains

Looped Chain edge option for the WEBS MCAL Blanket, more on the WEBS Blog - blog.yarn.com

The square patterns as well as the join/edge instructions can be downloaded here (FREE). Did you know there’s a playlist for the full Crochet-A-Long and all the techniques on Youtube? (Keep in mind that our techniques videos are NOT the pattern! These videos are here to help you understand the techniques featured in our patterns, please refer to your pattern for specifics.)

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and tell us about your progress! You can do that here, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Ravelry, or post pictures of your progress on Instagram and tag them with #WEBSMKAL or #WEBSMCAL

We can’t wait to see your finished blankets!


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